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Random Stuff from the Life of David

So I couldn’t narrow things down to one more adventure for Fan vs. Wild that I actually have pictures of (most of my adventures just weren’t planned with cameras in mind), so I’m kind of just going to throw out a bunch of pictures and adventures I’ve had.  Some of them are more adventurous than others and some are just pictures that show a little bit of my personality.

We’ll start with some pictures of me climbing a rock in Southern Utah.

Next up are some pictures from Alaska. Canoeing down the Russian River and some mountains with me and my cousin Caleb (I was Scruffy Dawg A and he was Scruffy Dawg B for that trip – neither one of us shaved for the time we were there and it really didn’t matter because neither one of us could grow any real facial hair).


Camping out in the western-Utah desert with Jordan and Joseph (my brothers) and then some salt tasting/morning push-ups on the Salt Flats (I still do at least a hundred push-ups six mornings a week, just not very often on the Salt Flats).


DSCN1807  DSCN1811 Next up are some wrestling pictures.  Actually, they are more like concentration camp pictures from when I was pretty skinny.  Sorry for the bad quality – if I ever come across the originals I will definitely rescan them.Skinny Me 

Skinny Me -2 Next up we have some pain and injury pictures  Basically these are shots of when I’ve been injured or at least I was pretending to be injured.  The first are following our motorhome wreck in 1994 (someday I’ll have to write down that whole story – it’s where I got the piece of glass or gravel that’s in my cheek).  The next ones are paintball-related.

David's scars 3

David's scars 1

David's scars 2

DSCN0462  You can see the scars from the first picture in the second picture on my lower back.Paintball marks 6

And, since I’ve started showing pictures of paintball, (that and I’m pretty consumed with writing about it and dealing with it as a business), here are a few more including the time that Recon Magazine (now out of business – so sad) did a full-page shot of me.


David - Paintball - Recon Magazine

Finally, here’s a very brief clip from a music video I made that shows me “foot-skiing” down a mountain.  I think of this as a form of skiing where you just slide and jump and slide and jump down steep portions of rock or dirt on mountains.  Someday I’ll have to go to a long rock slide and show me skiing all the way down it.


Caving - 2007

Second adventure for Fan vs. Wild.  This really isn’t an epic adventure, but I do have some pictures to show from it.

You might have heard that Nutty Putty Cave is now closed after a spelunking accident last fall.  While that incident was a tragic accident, I did have several exciting trips through the cave.  The first trip happened in the Summer of 2001 right after I graduated from high school and I went with Patrick Carron, Travis Oman and Derek Ginos.  It was fun and very memorable.  We kind of got lost finding the entrance so we basically only had time to go to the bottom and come back up.


Then in 2004 I went back with some roommates on a Saturday night.  There was a traffic jam getting into and out of the cave so we spent about an hour on top waiting for other groups to come out before we finally got in and got to do some exploring.  I don’t have any pictures from that trip.

In 2007 my brother Joseph organized (with some friends) another trip.  By this point the cave had been semi-closed down with a lock on the entrance and nobody was allowed in without getting permission from a state spelunking cave that was in charge of the cave.  After getting the right number of trained medical providers (a nurse and an EMT) and getting hard hats, about ten of us including Megan took a trip into the cave.  This time we went in the middle of winter (January) and we had to climb up the snow-clad hill before we got in.  We also had more time to go through so I was able to go down the birth canal – a tunnel about sixty feet long (maybe longer, but it’s hard to judge length) that is only large enough for you to wiggle down – if you put your left arm ahead and your right arm behind you can king of push yourself forward but you can’t switch places because the tunnel isn’t big enough for your radius to fit sideways to switch places.  Needless to say, it’s not somewhere you should go if you are claustrophobic.  All in all, it was a great trip and very memorable.  Here are some pictures.

2007January6 214

This isn’t the birth canal – it’s actually a pretty big tunnel as Megan was willing to go in a little way and take my picture.

2007January6 221

2007January6 213

2007January6 218

This is just a picture of me laying on my back eating Cheez-Its.  Not that it has anything to do with caving, but here’s a Dr. Suess-style poem about Cheez-Its.

Ode to Cheez-Its

I will eat them in the dark and I will eat them in a park., 

I will eat them in a cave and I would eat them at a rave*,

I would eat them on a chair, I will eat them everywhere

I would eat them with a clam, because I like them Sam-I-Am.

*Note - not that I would go to a rave, but if I were there, I would fill my time eating Cheez-Its

Squaw Peak - 2004

As many of you know, I like to have adventures.  When I heard that there is going to be a chance for fans to go out with Bear Grylls (from Man vs. Wild) and rough it for a few days in the Canadian Rockies with Fan vs. Wild, I knew I was pretty much the perfect person for the contest.  Part of the application process is to show links to three adventures, so I’m going to write about some of my adventures in a few blog posts so that the producers can come see what I do and what makes me tick.

Part One – Squaw Peak 2004

I’ve always liked to climb.  From before I could walk, I would climb up whatever I could reach.  Here’s a picture from when I was just a little tike.


Shortly after my mission I convinced Adam Stoddard to climb up Squaw Peak that overlooks Provo.  Unfortunately, as is the case with many of my adventures, we didn’t take a camera (we were busy trying not to die), so I’ll recreate it as best I can.

Here Adam and I are.  I’m on the left, Adam is on the right, and we are both wearing some sweet flea market hats.

Flea Market hats

Here’s our goal (image from Mick’s Mountain Page):

squaw peak

We drove up to the base of Rock Canyon and then took a hard left and started walking up the hill.  Here’s approximately our view, courtesy of Richard:

Squaw Peak - 1

Since we really hadn’t planned on anything other thank marching to the top, we just started walking up through the trees until we got to the base of the rocks (approximately at the bottom of the picture).  We had roughly planned out a route from the base, but since we didn’t have any maps or pictures and it’s kind of hard to get a good feel for where you are on the side of the mountain, we just kind of meandered our way up.  It took about three or four hours, but we made it pretty much to the top approximately following this route.  As a side note, the route is wrong.  I’m just drawing it based on my memory of the trip and we really didn’t know where we were, so the route is just to give you an idea, not to follow.

Squaw Peak - 2

The peak, from a distance, looks very sturdy, jagged (even romantic) and granite-like, but it’s not.  It’s actually in layers with sections of flaky rock and then more solid rock.  The area that we went across up at the top is where a flaky section had pealed away and so there was a kind of a ledge.  Keep in mind that we went on this climb kind of on a whim and definitely didn’t have any idea what the top was like, so we didn’t have ropes or any sort of climbing gear.  Thankfully, though, neither one of us has a fear of heights.  The ledge we were on was probably only about 25 feet from the next small ledge, but a fall would have most likely sent us tumbling at least a couple hundred feet until our blooded corpses would have bounced to a stop.  So, I was in the lead and Adam was right behind me as we inched our way around the edge of the peak.  See right where the line ends?  Imagine that point is kind of like a wall that juts out and separates the east and west sides of the peak – right when I stuck my head out around the wall I got plastered with some wind that was probably going 50mph and gusts were probably closer to 70.  Needless to say that without ropes and no idea what was even up further, we turned back and went the lame (aka safe) way to the top.

Squaw Peak - 3

When we got to the top we found a pretty large and flat area so we spent some time trying to fly with the wind (it didn’t work) before we headed to the Squaw Peak Overlook where Megan was going to meet us in a car to take us down.  Only problem is that the Squaw Peak overlook is nowhere near Squaw Peak. 

Adam and I decided to try and find the overlook so we headed North on a trail for a couple of miles.  The trail kind of fizzled out and we really had no idea where we were.  We did have intermittent cell coverage and we could see the valley when we walked west, so we weren’t ever “lost,” just kind of misplaced on the mountain.  We called people down below and had them look up and try to see us and give us directions, but that didn’t work.  Eventually, we just found a nameless canyon and headed downhill. 

Along the way we saw some beautiful pines, a little creek and an abandoned camp.  We like to think that it was a former hideout used by some escaped convict (or even better, someone who escaped from the criminally insane section of the state mental hospital which is just a few miles away), but it could have just been a hobo camp (for the Utah County hobos that like to climb two miles up the mountain to sleep each night).  Finally, the canyon leveled off into somebody’s back yard so we walked through across their lawn and found a street sign and Megan came and picked us up.  Here’s a rough map of where I think we might have gone (courtesy of Google Maps). 

Sqaw Peak - Hike

We basically walked all the way up to south Orem before we came down off the mountain.  Our little morning hike turned into a whole day, but it was fun.  Plus, we didn’t die, which means that the trip was a success.  Next time, though, we’re taking water.

Harry’s Boots

What happens when you let a two-year-old put on his own boots and go for a walk in the snow?

For one thing, you get a 50-50 shot he gets the boots on the right foot.


Then you get a very circuitous route to the turtle.


Here’s a close-up of his foot prints with boots on the wrong feet.


Welcome to David&Megan.com

Welcome to our new blog.  I’ve updated the URL, changed the theme and I’m starting over. Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions for the new site and I’ll gradually continue to update it as we go along.  MeganAndDave.com should redirect here and any bookmarks should automatically redirect to the new site.  All our old posts and comments have been moved.

Why, you might ask, did I redo the site?  Good question.  Maybe it’s like getting a new haircut – the old one was two years old and I thought we could use a change.  I also like the new URL better (no more megANAN-d-dave – never good to go anandd in the middle of a URL where people mistype it).  Plus, the theme is all new.  Unfortunately, if you still are using Internet Explorer 6, the theme might have some issues with black rectangles in the header that don’t belong – I’m not an expert at CSS and couldn’t figure it out, so just switch to IE8 or Firefox if you have any issues.  If you’re curious, the background is a picture of some basil from our garden that I stitched together with Photoshop into a tile that repeats.  I chose it because it’s different from every other background on a blog I’ve seen.

I’ll hopefully now find some time to actually blog rather than working on the backend of the site.  I had a rockin’ trip to the Rose Bowl (Go Buckeyes!) and a few weeks with family in Utah that were amazing.  I’m sure Megan will shortly provide pictures…

Little Boy at a Rest Stop (with Trucks!)

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