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Peach Blossoms:


Eating Dirt:


Sunshine:  (I love this picture, the evening light is nice.)


Street Ball:


These pretty trees:  They look so soft and light!


Matching shorts and t-shirts:




Swinging at the Park: (Harry learned to pump and it was Wyatt’s first time.  Wyatt was soooo smiley and happy -  surprised?  I love this boy)

 P1010129 P1010142



What a great time of year!


Even when we rolled into the city Harry kept saying “me want to go IN Pittsburgh” His way of saying Pittsburgh is hilarious.  We tried to give him a little lesson on what a city is.  We went to see our friend Wayne and to just explore new city.  It’s just 2 1/2 hours away from Columbus. 

P1010066 P1010067

The “Cathedral of Learning” was awesome!  This is where Wayne’s office is, and where he has classes.  It is such a cool building – definitely an interesting design.  Next time, we want to see the Nationality Rooms – we only got to see one of the rooms, but from the look of that one they seem really cool!  Harry’s favorite part:  the elevators.  Wyatt’s favorite:  pretty much everything (or anyone that would smile at him)  My favorite: the view!


Then it was on to the Duquesne Incline!  My first time on a Funicular (at least I think it was my first).  Harry was so stoked to go on the “train”


But you wouldn’t be able to tell from this picture!  Maybe he was just in a daze from the action.


Wayne and Anamaria (I’m not exactly sure of that spelling)  Wayne is a great, great friend who was one of David’s mission companions.  I loved getting to know Anamaria who is from Italy and I thought she was so fun and beautiful!


Harry likes her too!  They are holding hands.


Wyatt is smiling, again!  He is seriously almost always smiling.

  P1010085 P1010086 

Pittsburgh is a beautiful city!!  It was much different then I thought it would be.  I pictured a very industrial city and was pleasantly surprised.  There is a huge park next to the university that has tons of “hiking” (I don’t consider it hiking unless there’s a mountain involved) and playgrounds.  So fun. 

Wayne and Anamaria were so awesome to take the day off with us and show us their city. 

There were a ton a things that I would have liked to do but just didn’t have time for. 

On our way home we snagged fast food for dinner (Subway and Wendy’s for Harry) and Harry insisted on calling it the “french fry store.” He still talks about it.  The workers there were so nice and gave him the whole bundle of balloons they had on display.  He was in heaven! 

Chicken Fried Steak and Other Adventures


To kick off the week we went out to dinner on Friday at TeeJays, a down-home place that is famous in Columbus.  Wyatt had his first sucker and was sticky from head to (practically) foot.  He loved it – I mean what kid wouldn’t like sugar on a stick?  His hair was super crusty….I loved my chicken fried steak!

On Monday we went to Dayton and the best part (and the main reason we went) was to see the National Air Force Museum.  People, people – anyone who lives in Ohio  - GO TO THIS MUSEUM!  It is amazing.  Well, if you don’t like planes don’t go.  They probably have every plane the Air Force has ever used on display.  It is he-uge.  Talk about a boy’s dream!  Needless to say, Harry loved it (we ALL loved it!!) 




We forgot our stroller but we were so lucky they had these cool strollers you could use for free!  Oh, the museum is free too, you can just make a donation if you want.  Wyatt was thrilled there was a bar to grab onto and to suck on.  Yum.  Ali, forgive me :)


Harry thought this was some kind of megaphone and was pretty entertained.  Something had to tie him over until we reached “the planes you get in:”


Okay, Harry look at the camera!


Harry, say cheese!




He looked up for one nanosecond and we actually caught it on film.  He was in heaven!

Then we checked out Young’s Jersey Dairy which is near Yellow Springs, and I’ve wanted to try it ever since we passed by.  Goooood ice cream!



You wouldn’t know from the picture, but Wyatt devoured this ice cream and was so happy!


It seems we all liked it.


And, this has nothing to do with anything, but it’s so darn cute I had to show somebody.

Buckeye Lake

There is an awesome big lake about 35 minutes from our house, and we finally went to see it on our Sunday drive!  It was a pretty nice day, just a little chilly.  We didn’t stay long, but we stayed long enough to know we want to go back this summer (or sooner)!  There were a lot of people fishing and Harry got excited about that.  When we went to Gander Mountain a while back to get a few random paintball tanks filled, he saw the Spiderman fishing pole and I said maybe we’d get it and go fishing this summer.  He’s not forgetting that one! ;)


Don’t you just want to eat Wyatt all up!?  Oh my goodness.


Here’s another adorable one!


Sweet boy with just one sock on!  It wasn’t lost it was just in the van.  There are probably like 50 single socks in there floating around because Wyatt just pulls them off and eats them while he’s sitting in his highchair.  By the way, he’s up to 21 lbs!!


Harry throwing his sticks in the water


Harry showing us his sticks.  Boys and sticks, there’s just something about it!

Eatin’ Grass

The boys were outside while I was preparing some dinner when Harry, good big brother that he is, came in and yelled “Wyatt eating grass!”  I just laughed and went to check it out.  Sure enough, he was grabbing handfuls!  He really wasn’t getting too much in his mouth.  It was so funny, so I just ran and got the camera.  Wyatt is getting cuter and cuter each day, oh boy do I love him.  Oh, and once Harry saw that I wasn’t too concerned about Wyatt eating grass, he decided to eat some too.





Gotta love the springtime SNOT NOSE.  Anyone have kids that don’t have it right now?  I didn’t think so.

Boys in a Box


The box – a toy that never gets old!  Love these smiley boys!

Delicate Arches



Amusing, no?

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