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This is my new friend Echo!


She and her husband recently moved into our ward and they are so kind.  I had called her on a Friday and then on Sunday she brought me this:



It made me feel so special because she MADE it!  Isn’t it amazing?  She does the clay and the beading and the painting. 

We go together to hang out and had an amazing time looking at pictures, playing with the boys and snacking on fruit and yummy “asian” treats.  I was so happy as I spent time with her.  I guess I’m posting this on the blog because I felt so impressed with her initial kindness and the happy spirit that she radiates!  I love people like this.

This week we started to thaw out.  Today I spent nearly an HOUR outside and then sun felt WARM on my cheek.  I smelled summer and am so looking forward to playing outside….watching the boys from the back porch, walking outside without us all looking like Michelin Man, that smell that your skin gets in the summer….   Truthfully I haven’t had cabin fever this winter, but as I caught a glimpse of spring I felt so invigorated!

Now, pictures from our week:


Home Depot carts are the best!  Two little boys are so much fun.  What’s not so fun is trying to turn this puppy in the aisles!


Painting Winter Olympic Pictures


Harry wrote his name “really big” on the Magna Doodle and we took a whole bunch of pictures because he was pretty proud of himself. 

On a side note, we have taken great strides in toilet training!


Wyatt’s “Game Cube”  He is such a cutie – he wants to crawl soooo bad.  We’ll post video soon of him “hopping”


Wyatt’s laugh is contagious!  I love to see Harry and Wyatt having a blast together.  Harry is shaking a bottle of dried garlic – he loves to help with the “spicees” when we cook.  Isn’t Wyatt’s laugh great??


Sweet lil OSU fan!


GO USA!  We love watching the Olympics as a family.

P1000831 P1000830

Painting fridge magnets Harry made – it was the first time Harry used a paintbrush and paints and he did great!  He loved mixing the colors into one blob.  I just let him experiment and paint them however he wanted – so we have multicolored asparagus, an apple, corn, an orange, and a bowl of oatmeal.  Yes, oatmeal – that was Harry’s choice! 


This is just a random picture of our neighbor’s cat!  Such a funny place to rest!

Five Little Monkeys

Sorry the end is cut off!  Of course…the battery died just then!  Harry has the sweetest little voice ever!



I am in love.

What happened?


Wyatt figured out how to make the music play on his turtle.


Wyatt got cuter.  Didn’t think it was possible.


Wyatt wanted to crawl so bad!  He can crawl backwards, if that makes sense.


Brotherly love.


Wyatt really digs his “applesaucer”


Harry smacked his head on mine – a total accident while he was snuggling in bed with us – but man, it hurt.  YYYYOOOOWWWWWCHHH.


We have been reading a ton of books.  Wyatt is usually with us.


Made some yummy fresh squeezed orange juice.  Gotta love cheap oranges!!


Played with the bubble machine.  See how the bubbles crowded into a huge pile- it was so cool!


Made bread on a cold snowy, snowy, snowy, day.  Perfect.

Da Boys

Harry was thrilled to see a big backhoe in the alley behind our house.  We of course had to go check it out!

P1000644 P1000643



So handsome!


Wyatt is getting so big!


Look at that smile!

  P1000675 P1000674 P1000673P1000672

Ok, so he can do it for about 20 seconds until he topples!

I Just Had To Do It

DSC03404 DSC03400

Harry at 8 months

 P1000670 P1000674

Wyatt at 6 1/2 months

I think they look noticeably different, but there are some similarities.  Harry was just so itty-bitty.  It warms my heart to see my little sweeties – they are both just so super cute.  Anyone who’s not super biased like me agree?  I mean c’mon people!  Aren’t these just the cutest boys ever?

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