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29 Hours, 706 Miles

I let Harry watch this video and now he wants to go back.

I told him that we might go back if we visit Chicago again.

Now he wants to go to Chicago “Not Now” which means “Right Now!”

OK, we’ll just pack up the van and drive 6 hours.

It was really fun though.  I really would like to go back to this museum sometime!


Making playdough


Finding things to chew on

 P1000693 P1000696

Painting on the plastic man

P1000698 P1000699 P1000703


OK, this was totally MY favorite part.  If you look closely you can see little dots in a vertical line on the screens.  So, you would go and stand in front of the screen and it would create a really stark shadow.  If you stood under the dots (that were cascading down the screen) they would pile up on top of your shadow.  You could hold out your hand and “catch” the dots too!  Does this make sense?  It was so awesome.  How in the world did it work?


You took your picture with a little camera and your face became the face of the butterfly, bee, or beetle.  It was way funny!  Then you got to fly around different places in Chicago.


Sears Tower


Part of the city

 P1000715 P1000716 P1000717  P1000709

Ginos East Deep Dish Pizza!!!  YUMMMMM!  This pizza had a sausage patty on it that was literally the size of the pizza.  Seriously.  Sausage in every bite!!!  David really liked it, and it was almost too much for me, but still really really good.  Wyatt enjoyed the placemat, napkins, keys, and his pacifier. 

We ended up getting a hotel to stay in  - the Farfield Inn in downtown Chicago.  It was TOTALLY worth it!!!!  Even just to have a place to sleep rather than in the freezing car.  I like staying in hotels because for us it is still a novelty.  We enjoyed a really great breakfast – waffles, oatmeal, cereal, juice, hot chocolate, yogurt, etc etc it was a lot of fun an we were able to take our time because the museum didn’t open until 10:00.  Wyatt liked the yogurt.  David had left for his test earlier, but he did manage to grab a little egg sausage sandwich.  He normally doesn’t eat breakfast.

David was taking a test for the Presidential Management Fellowship which maybe we’ll explain later, right now Wyatt is getting hungry!

We took a wonderful and chilly walk to the museum in the double stroller.  I loved the walk – I think is was a little less than a mile. 

David also got to visit his Uncle Ron who is at Northwestern University Hospital recovering from a severe heart attack. David said he looks pretty weak, but according to David's Aunt Melinda and cousin Chris who were there, he's looking much better. We're blessed to live in a world where medical technology saves lives.

After eating lunch we headed back to Columbus, arriving at about 11:00.  It was such a FAST trip, but so so fun to get away for a while!


This is what Wyatt was probably thinking when we fed him rice cereal for the first time.  I mean this kid is solid and long and big and he was so ready for solids!  At this point he was really watching us eat and you could tell he just wanted to grab a fistful of pasta.  We’re working toward that.P1000624 P1000623

Notice Dave is feeding him.

Ever since Wyatt was breathing air Dave has been trying to sneak him food.  He likes him to experience “flavors.”

It’s not a bad thing – Harry will now eat spicy chicken wings that, for me, create a fiery sensation on my lips that I don’t really dig.  Harry does dig it!

Wyatt is so adorable when he eats, what can I say.  I love feeding him!

Also in the news:  David had his 27th birthday!!!!! 

I made a white cake with raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting.  Here’s the first try – I wanted to let Harry go at it on the sides and this is what happened:P1000630 P1000631

I thought it was hilarious and would make David laugh too (he was taking a nap when this magic was happening)

Here’s the top:


It looked okay but the fact that there was seriously like an entire extra cup of frosting was just kind of gross to me.  Although believe me, I could eat spoonfuls of this stuff.

So I wiped it down and this is how it turned out:


Really though the cake shouldn’t be the highlight of his birthday.  It’s all about Dave!  Here are 27 things that are great about DAVE!!

1.  Always working on a project be it household or other, and he is great at fixing stuff.

2.  If he doesn’t know how to do something, he’ll learn it (i.e. building a huge gazebo on a hill with no building experience)

3.  He sings super silly songs to all members of the family

4.  He is super, and I mean SUPER smart.  Seriously, folks.

5.  Likes savory instead of sweet

6.  Is a T-shirt kind of man.  I can barely get him to wear a polo, but in the end this is a very cheap way to go – and we like cheap!

7.  Bought me an electric blanket and also a bed warmer for Christmas!  This man knows me!

8.  Loves our boys more than anything.

9.  He is super good at standardized tests

10.  HE CAN COOK!!!!  I’m not joking I consider him a chef, not just any old household cook.  He has taught me many things about cooking.

11.  Stays up on the news

12.  Gives a lot of time, thought and prayer to his calling

13.  Does 101 pushups every morning – He hasn’t missed a day in 7 years I think (minus Sundays) Oh, AND he does 320 crunches a night – I think…or more.  He also enjoys church ball and stays in good shape. 

14.  Is always looking for a more efficient way to do anything.  Drives him nuts when I don’t use keyboard shortcuts.

15.  Really is passionate about his career choice

16.  Loves adventure and will take risks

17.  Loves sports and has learned to “just drop it” when games don’t turn out like he wants.  I really respect him for that!

18.  Tries to sneak spicy foods to Wyatt

19.  Has come up with scads of great and fun nicknames for me

20.  Thinks I’m amazing at music, even years after I stopped “really practicing”

21.  Planned a great anniversary surprise trip for me this past December

22.  Loves to eat new cuisine – especially at holes-in-the-wall.  They have the best food!

23.  Still blesses the food in Italian

24.  Did I mention how much he loves our family?  He is a great, great father. 

25.  Started a paintball business that we run out of our basement!

26.  Can fix almost any computer problem.  He always asks what I’d do without him around to keep up our computers.  I say, well I’d probably have one computer that did word processing, internet and Photoshop!  It’s really cool what he has done with our computers and media!

27.  Still likes to climb trees.  This last summer he had about 10 kids wide-eyed and amazed as he climbed the tree in our front median.  I remember him not wearing shoes and that’s how he likes it

Ok, so those are just off the top of my head.  I love you, love you, love you. 

Thank you, technology.

Thanks to two things I love:  Google and You Tube

I searched for “How to fix water flow in standard bathroom faucet”

Found a video on YouTube

Fixed the aerator (this is what David has suspected all along)

After literally months and months of low pressure -


……one of those things that literally took 5 minutes – it was just a matter of getting down and doing it!!!

‘Roo Zoo

Harry LOOOOVES this place!  Still talks about it almost every day.  It might become a Utah tradition!

We went twice.

Thanks Grandma!

First: Megan, Harry, Grandma, Dave and Wyatt.

Second, Megan and Harry.

Harry really enjoyed the smaller bounce areas that didn’t have huge slides.  Although, he squealed with delight when David slid on his back with Harry on his belly!


P1000565 P1000584 P1000577






Really, Wyatt was waving his arms like he was Herbert von Karajan but the picture makes it look like he was ready for a tropical island beach!

Forgot to say that the real name is KANGAROO Zoo :)  Harry has always called it “’Roo Zoo”


Christmas Countdown

I made a magic envelope for Harry that each day produces a new fun Christmas activity to do together!  It has been so awesome!!  Some things are more involved than others.  Some are things that I was going to do anyway, but he loves that it is his “special” activity for the day.  Here are the activities so far:

Day 1:  Christmas Stamping – Harry pretty much only wanted to stamp with this little man.  It’s about a 1/2 an inch tall.

IMG_9760 IMG_9741

Day 2:  Snowflakes.  I helped a lot with this one, but I did let Harry go to town with the dull kitchen shears!

IMG_9744 IMG_9746

Day 3:  Christmas Dancing!  Turn on upbeat Christmas tunes and have a ball!



Day 4:  Make a Christmas Tree Ornament – this one was so great!  I recommend it.  Harry loved putting the tissue paper on his finger and sticking it on the dots of glue.  It kept his attention for probably 30 minutes!  We made a dog and a tree.  They actually turned out pretty cute, too!

P1000328  P1000326 P1000327P1000331P1000329

Day 5:  Write a letter to Santa – He asked for Reindeer, Mama, Daddy, Wyatt and Candy.  He drew great pictures and also signed his name!


Day 6:  Second Advent at BreAnne and Patrick’s house



Wyatt made a new friend!!  It was so cute how much she loved giving him hugs.  Love at first sight I guess.


Day 7:  Model Trains at the Main Library

P1000360 This was at the entrance

P1000362 P1000363

These trains were AMAZING!!!  Anyone that is in Columbus needs to go see them.  Harry was in HEAVEN. 


Wyatt liked them, too :)

Day 8:  Cookie Exchange with Mom (and Dad in the nursery)  Ok, so I was already going to a Relief Society Cookie Exchange, so I just made it the activity for the day.  Harry didn’t seem to mind.  He loves his nursery friends!

P1000378 P1000377

These are Zimtsterne.  My Grandma makes them every year and they are so, so, so yummy.  The smell coming from the oven was mouth-watering.  They are made of almonds.


This is the cookie Harry chose after the exchange.

Day 9:  Put lights up on the porch

P1000392 P1000389 P1000393

Harry was most interested in grabbing this patient cat’s tail and walking around with it in his hand.  This is not our cat, it just thinks it owns our porch.

Day 10:  Color a Christmas Picture


The tongue out is a Forsberg family tradition.

IMG_9795 IMG_9796

Today we put Christmas lights on Harry’s bunk bed.  Pure joy.  Christmas is so magical with my boys around!  Pictures to follow soon….

Now, a couple more pictures just for kicks!



Matching “Reindeer” jammies from Grandma!


This is how Wyatt enjoyed my exercise session this morning!  So precious.  Tonight he was rolling from back to front and back again.  He’s getting so big!!!

Give Thanks


IMG_9702 IMG_9705 IMG_9706IMG_9704   IMG_9711 IMG_9712 IMG_9717

Thanksgiving was amazing this year.  Again.  I have so much to be grateful for!

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