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A surprising disagreement with Simon!

The two TV shows I record and watch are Ace of Cakes and American Idol.  In general, there's a lot of dumb TV shows out there.  But some are worth watching.  I love American Idol this season!  Every week I agree with Simon about the singers-I think he really does have a good ear for the best singers, best performers and best artists.  After David Archuleta's performance, I couldn't believe Simon didn't like it!  Being a big musical fan and a huge Andrew Lloyd Webber fan, I thought that David Archuleta was brave to change the arrangement- and it turned out AWESOME!  What a voice!!  I guess I should put a word in for David Cook this week too-he did a great job with Music of the Night.  Actually I'm pretty jealous the contestants got to meet Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber -  wow.  

My early birthday present!!

  David gave me my birthday present a month early.  I was totally surprised, he did a good job!  It is a beautiful cypress porch swing!!!  I'll post more pictures of it when it is hung, but here are some pictures of us staining it.  This is just a clear stain, and I think it looks so nice!  Yipee!!

DSC03876 DSC03877 DSC03878



On a side note, I let Harry stay in the bath a long time today, and he got his first wrinkly toes and fingers.  So cute.

DDR to the max

For our mother's group we did DDR at my house and it was way fun!  Everyone but Karen had done it; we were all pretty rusty.  The funniest part was that the kids were crazy!  It looked pretty awesome to see the moms going at it while holding the babies.  Talk about coordination!  It gave us all a good laugh to see how our lives have changed since we played it back in the day.

 DSC03863 DSC03864 DSC03865 DSC03866 DSC03868

Harry napped through the whole thing!

Jordan's Visit

 DSC03861  Jordan came to visit us!  He wanted to see Columbus, check out OSU, look at some houses and neighborhoods etc.  Of course we'd like them to come here, but it's hard to compete with San Diego....the weather there is just divine.  We had fun looking at a ton of different neighborhoods-some were better than others, that's for sure.  And some were definitely hip-hoppin as Dave would say.  There are bunches of homes for 60K, but there is definitely a reason they are so cheap!  We did find some good ones, though!  We were so excited to have him and to be able to use our guest room!  Harry was pretty scared of him at first!  After he had his initial cry at the airport, he began to warm up to him, and by the end of the stay he was pretty friendly.  Thanks, Jordan for coming to visit us. 

 DSC03857 DSC03853

Here are David and Jordan enjoying some NCAAFOOTBALL '07!  They had a fun time-neither of them had played in a long while.  Harry was very interested in what they were doing with the little black controllers!  He was totally curious. 

Harry and I hung out in the back while Jordan and Dave sat up front while we cruised around to look at houses.  Harry was a pretty good sport, although he did get some good cryin' in.  Build up those vocal cords! 

 DSC03846  DSC03842

Finally fast asleep                                                    Sad boy!

 DSC03843  DSC03836

Playin' with his favorite car toy                              I'd like to eat that, please mom!



Eating a pickle again

Here's a video that we took last night....just for fun...

Springtime fun


DSC03775 DSC03776 DSC03772

Harry behaved really well during conference.  He is sitting up so well now!

 DSC03786 DSC03784

DSC01821 DSC01949

I haven't taken a picture of Harry sleeping for a long time.  I used to do it all the time when he was a newborn, so I thought I'd snap a few so I could see the comparison.

DSC03787 DSC03788

This is a new stake center that is being built about 15 minutes from our house.  It will be our stake center, but we'll still go to our Grove City building for church.

 DSC03794 DSC03795 DSC03797

The daffodils are blooming, it is so pretty!  The tulips are coming up nicely, but will bloom a bit later.

DSC03801 DSC03802

I raked up the mulch that was sitting on our grass since we moved in.  It was a pretty big job!  I still have a bit left too, but I was surprised at how much it added up to, because when it was on the grass it seemed like a thin layer.  I brought the pack-n-play outside so Harry could just play while I raked.  He liked it!  Eventually though, he of course got tired and hungry, and that is why I still have a bit to rake up!



Harry is getting so big, I just can't believe it.  He is the best baby in the world, and he has brought us so much joy.  It's just incredible how much happiness one little person can bring.  Side note:  I didn't cut my hair, it is just tucked into my hoodie!

Pretty cool nephew

My nephew is in a band called the Vox Jaguars.  One of their songs, "Swagger," is going to be featured on Fox TV's Canterbury's Law this Friday night!  Isn't that awesome?  I have no idea if this show is moral or even worth watching, but I know I'll be recording it just to hear the song!!!  The band is popular in Santa Cruz (where my sister's family lives) and is gaining popularity!  I think they are going on tour to England this summer.  Go Mason!!!     

Fashion Cycle

Sears 1973 Catalog


Why haven't these outfits come back into style?  So sad. 

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