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Happy Boy!

Piano Man

I really like to play the piano and sing for Harry.  I do it everyday.  He especially loves it when I leave the key lights on (on our digital keyboard has a setting where the keys light up either orange or red).  Sometimes I'll just lay Harry on the floor and he'll roll around while I play...sometimes I'll put him in his highchair.  I also love just sitting him on my lap and letting him sing and play himself!  It was just a couple weeks ago that he was able to hit the keys hard enough to make a sound.  It was just one average night that I sat him down to play, and he started to press the keys-then it was almost like he started singing too!  Dave ran to get the camera and we were able to record it.  It was such a fun show for Dave and I.  I know a lot of you won't really care about this video-it's a bit long, but I'm sure the grandparents and other family will probably enjoy it.  We thought it was adorable!

A couple days ago I was playing and singing on the piano for Harry.  He was having a great time, but I could tell he was getting sleepy.  I played a little bit more, looked over, and he was TOTALLY asleep!  It's so funny how kids will just fall asleep almost anywhere if they're really tired.  Keep in mind I wasn't even playing a calming song-it was really upbeat!  I'm going to remember this if Harry is having a hard time falling asleep-just put him in his chair and play for him!



So tuckered out!

Quirky things about me

OK, I've been tagged twice for this.  Here goes:

1.  Confession:  I had to do a little research on what it meant to be "tagged."  I know, it seems so simple, but I was confused!

2.  I definitely prefer stocking feet to bare feet.  Without socks, I rub my feet together in bed and it just feels so weird and drives me nuts.  Although, on really hot summer days I'm just too hot to wear socks to bed.

3.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE fresh fruit.  It's so yummy!  Granted I was pregnant, but on our cruise I probably ate 3 whole watermelons; I'm not exaggerating!  Who WOULDN'T eat that much watermelon when it's just there for the taking!?  Occasionally, the only thing better than fresh fruit is fresh fruit on vanilla ice cream.  YUM!

4.  When I pull out the TP, I count the squares.  Every time.  Now that's weird, I know.

5.  My current exercise routine is just goofy.  I do sit-ups, push-ups, jumping jacks, front kicks, side kicks, running in place, dancing with Harry, dancing any way at all.  I pretty much do anything that will get my heart rate up.  I always make sure to close the blinds so that the neighbors won't think I'm totally nuts!  Good thing Harry just has fun with whatever!

6.  Not a lot of things get me mad, but here's something that will get me totally riled up:  feminists.  Seriously!  Even just writing about it makes my blood pressure rise.  It's hard to explain, but I just can't stand feminism.  I'm not sure you even want to ask me about this one.

7.  Any kind of scratch or ding on my car drives me crazy.  Dave considers a car a "tool" that you use for whatever purpose it can serve.  I think of it a little differently.  One of my pet peeves is when someone leaves even a tiny ding in the door or whatever and doesn't even leave a note.  Unfortunately, with so many miles, our little civic has seen better days- so I've become a lot more relaxed about this.  I still try to take very good care of the car, but after so many little scratches, it's hard.

8.  I'm totally a breakfast person.  I LOVE cereal.  I seriously think I could eat it for every meal-but not really the sugary kinds.  I love frosted shredded wheat, honey nut cheerios, cheerios, and corn flakes.

9.  I like my beauty rest.  Getting enough sleep is the greatest thing ever.  Luckily Harry is a pretty good sleeper!

10.  I used to never cry- now I'll cry over many things.  Sometimes I'll cry during commercials, or at times when some people wouldn't think to cry....I cry when I see others cry, especially my family!  I think it's a wonderful release to cry.  I think that I definitely cry more over joyous things than sad things.


So there's a list that is for sure incomplete, as Dave will attest to.  It was kind of hard for me to think of quirky things!  I know you've all been wondering what my quirks you know, and can sleep more soundly.  Is there a rule that you have to pass this on?  If so, I tag Crystal, Peggy, Maren and Ruth.

**Amendment:  Dave reminded me of another quirk I have.  I am picky about my water!  Some people way water has no taste-I beg to differ!!!!  I don't sip water, I just gulp it down-because most of the time I think water tastes gross.  But, I don't skimp on the water, I really try to drink a lot because it's so good for your health.  Oh, another thing about water is that I don't drink during a meal.  Only a glass afterwards, if any at all.

Signs of life


Check this out!  It was unusually warm here for a couple days and I started thinking about spring and about my bulbs that I planted.  Coming home from my neighbor LiAnn's house, I looked at the place I planted the bulbs-lo and behold there were little green stems poking up!  I thought I planted them pretty deep ( I was actually worried they were too deep).  We'll see how they survive if they continue to come up!  It made me really excited for springtime!  Does anyone else have bulbs poking out yet?  Probably not anyone in Utah!  You guys are buried!  By the way, the table that David blogged about is AWESOME!  It's so fun to have my scrapbook/craft stuff all spread out.  I love you, thanks for the table!



One of Harry, just for fun.  He's almost too big for the swing!

Simple Times, Wondrous Times

For the past few months, probable since Harry was born, I have been thinking a lot about when times were simpler.  I'm sure it has something to do with having a child.  I think about the pioneers a lot-how did they do it with babies and children in tow?  It must have been a huge sacrifice.  Yet, they were so humble and came across the plains to the place we now call Salt Lake City.  Their commitment to church and their beliefs is amazing.  In the February Ensign, there is an article about Joseph and Emma's family.  Four of their children died the day they were born, and two of their children died when they were not olden than 2 years old (one of those was adopted at birth).  How grateful I am for advancements in medicine, healthy living conditions, and especially our wonderful, healthy and strong Harry!  Joseph and Emma had 4 children that lived to be older (that includes the other adopted child). 


For many of our ancestors, even parents, times were "simpler."  In a way I long for those times when life didn't fly by-when TV, Internet, cars...etc, didn't exist.  What was family life like?  On the other hand- I'm SOOOO grateful for modern technology.  For example, the way cities are set up, cars are pretty much a necessity.  I like to think about what pioneers would have done in the evenings when just the family was together, full bellies, candles lit.  I'm glad that I'm a member of the true church that believes in traditional family.  Our dear President Hinckley said while he was on Larry King Live, ""Put father at the head of the house again," he said. "A good father, who loves his wife and whose wife loves him, and whose children love him ... and let them grow together as good citizens of the land." ( Jan. 28th 2008)  That is the nice thing to know that our families may have very much in common with our ancestors.  We know that time spent together in love and righteousness is precious time. 

DSC02439 image

Our family                                                             President Spencer W. Kimball family 1897

I loved this snippet from my "Gooseberry Patch Holidays at Home" book: 

"When I was about four years old, I remember at Christmas time my parents ordered a crate of oranges from the Sears and Roebuck catalog, and they came in on the train that passed through our small town of Hillview.  That was in 1946 and people in our community were not affluent.  They best memory I have of those days is the smell of the oranges, the wooden crate with the wire hooks, and they beautiful green tissue paper that each orange was wrapped in.  To this day, I still eat and love oranges and my favorite color has always been green.  We weren't rich, but our family and friends have memories that money can't buy." -Sandra Pinkerton, White Hall, IL



The world moves so fast.  Sometimes I wish everything would just slow down....and yet there are such wonderful things going on in the world.  Amazing discoveries, cures, humanitarian aid, etc etc.  TV and the Internet allow us to learn about things we'd never ever in our wildest dreams be able to see/learn in person (like the show Planet Earth.)  It's great to be talking about something around the dinner table, wonder and ask questions, and actually be able to find the answers-almost instantly-on the Internet after dinner.  Like, how does Okra grow?  We sure found that out the other night!

image image image June 23, 1910-January 27, 2008


So, I guess that my thought is I wish that we could bring all the best from the past-the simple joys, the uncrowded and uncluttered mind, home and family- and enjoy all the wonderful things about this fast-paced world.  With the passing of President Hinckley, it has caused me to think about his full and marvelous life.  He saw so much change, yet his values never changed.  This is as we all should be; this is what the Savior taught.  Harry has allowed me many special hours to think about what life really means-where we came from and where we're going.  These are my thoughts.  I hope that it can inspire others to think about the past and make goals for the future.     

DSC03139  DSC03142 DSC03145

Random Happenings

 DSC03106  DSC03108

Harry is 6 months old!!!!  Oh, how time flies.  Each day brings new joys.  Each day our little bug gets a little bigger and becomes more interactive.  Now we only have pictures and memories of Harry when he was a tiny newborn.  Dave thinks that Harry looks like a 60 year old professor in these clothes.

DSC03113  DSC03111 

United Air damaged our bags, but sent it back fixed in this box.  Harry really loved scratching the sides of the box because it made a cool sound!  He stayed in here a good long while just scratching away!DSC03123

Our 6-month-old lumberjack.  I love this outfit on him. 


I played the piano in sacrament meeting on Sunday and discovered this hilarious typo!!DSC03097

Harry playing with banana!  I say playing because he sure didn't eat much!  We're just barely trying solids with him-mostly runny rice cereal once a day or so.

 IMG_8316 IMG_8313

Dave is 25!!!!  Happy birthday to the greatest husband in the world.  Thanks for all the hard work you do in school and in so many other ways in making our family fun and exciting.  You make me so happy and I'm glad that 25 years ago you were born!  For the birthday festivities, I made him a steak and potato dinner, and also mini cheesecakes with strawberries for dessert.  It was a fun evening!


The biggest avocado, and the biggest avocado PIT we have EVER seen!!!  It was yuuuummmy!


Harry all dressed up to support his Ohio State Buckeyes for the National Championship. 

Christmas Entry #4

christmas 032 christmas 040

Harry's first Christmas (eve)!  He's pretty excited about the singing puppy

DSC03071  DSC03022

Here Harry is trying to eat some fennel tea-it's          Here is Grandpa snuggling Harry

like gripe water, and helps upset tummies.  My

Grandma Vogel used it on her babies

DSC03078 DSC02994

Here is Grandma snuggling Harry                           Look at those BLUE eyes!!!!  Can it get any sweeter?


A very happy boy!

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