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Turtle Pool Out – check!


Cookout/Tractor Rides/Bonfire – check!


P1010523 P1010527

ICE CREAM!!!! (This is at a place called Dairy Depot in Delaware.  It was sooooo good.  I had a grasshopper flurry) – check!


Watermelon at the park – check!

 P1010570 P1010574

Bare feet - check


Garden growing strong – check!  (more pictures of the garden to come.  It’s our biggest garden ever.)



OK this is a silly post, but I must tell.  This morning I was driving along happily and felt something on my neck – the feeling you get when you think there’s some kind of bug crawling on you.  Well I reached up to feel something that felt like a scab.  I grabbed it, starting to panic a bit, looked at it and realized it was a tick.  Yes, a disgusting little tick.  I know many of you may not think anything of these little creatures, but I think they are so gross!  Keep in mind this is while I’m driving (just when I needed a red light, and it didn’t come!).  So there it sat on the door while I scrambled for a paper and smashed the heck out of it.  Goodbye tick.  Thank you for not giving me lyme disease.  After I stopped I actually snapped a picture before I got rid of the little bugger, but I can’t seem to get it off of my phone right now.   


(I – O!!!)  David is now an Ohio State Graduate!  Have we already been here 3 years?  Sure doesn’t feel like it.




I think that graduation lingo is funny - “hooding?”  How about “caped?”  There’s gotta be some meaning that I just don’t know about.


P1010473We’ve had a very full week – more posts to come.  It was amazingly wonderful to have our family here! 


David is DONE with law school!  I’m a proud wife to be sure.  He finished in the normal 3 years, but did a year of medical school in the middle!  After one of his finals we went to check out the new OSU Union building – and it was incredible.  I loved the floor to ceiling shelves and the cozy study areas on the end of each floor.  One even had a nice huge fireplace!  Buckeye details were everywhere – the squared “O” the buckeye leaves etc.  We’ve been doing tons of projects since he’s finished!  Organizing the garage, cleaning our “Dave’s computer stuff/craft/guest/office” room, mowing the lawn and working in the garden, fixing the outdoor bunny cage, deep cleaning the indoor bunny cage. 

We went to Benihana on Monday night!!!  We had a $30 off certificate and the food was amazing.  It was quite a night for me because I was just bursting with happiness.  Seeing Harry’s eyes light up as he got to wear the red chefs hat and watch the food and knifes fly around was soooo fun for me.  I liked watching Harry and Wyatt more than the cooking.  Wyatt loves food and that also makes me happy.  He downed everything that was cooked for him (they even cut it into tiny little pieces for kids).  I felt on top of the world because I have two beautiful happy boys, a wonderful, smart and loving husband and the good food in there just topped it off.  Very great night.

I’m at a transition phase with Wyatt – one of the times I’m torn as a mother where I want him to stay right where he is.  Just slow down time!  At the same time it’s so fun to see him grow.  He is ALL OVER THE PLACE.  Seriously mobile, minus the walking part.  He is imitating sounds and actions and I just love love love this stage.  I say this because tonight the boys are sleeping in the same room for the first time.  The crib sits empty, and I’m a little sad tonight, but like I said it so fun to see him grow – and to see Harry and Wyatt become better and better friends.  Anyway – some pictures!



Oh and look at this!  My mother’s day happiness just keeps going too – I love flowers that keep living after the celebration is over.  Roses are one of the most beautiful things on earth.P1010454Some more recent pics:


We have 11 peaches this year!  I watch them closely every day.  This was a week ago and they are even bigger now.  Soon I’ll do a post about all the gardening we’ve been doing.


I love Wyatt so so so much. 

Tomorrow family arrives for graduation and my birthday!  HOORAY!  There’s just one chain link left on Harry’s countdown chain…

This will brighten your day.

Found this through my friend Jenny’s blog.  It is long, but amazing. 

Me Love a Get a Haircut

That is what Harry was saying before his haircut.  But soon, the true haircut feelings broke through:


This boy has issues with the clippers.  After the last haircut I swore I would only do a buzz.  For a second I thought I might try to save a little length on top but it was literally just a second because the tears/flailing/wiggles/blood curdling screams began almost immediately!  (finishing the top with scissors takes way too long)  So Harry got his first buzz!




He looks great in a buzz – it’s definitely just as cute as when he had some length on top!  His hair and scalp are SO PALE! 


This is the best picture I have of him so far, but there will be more close-ups to come!

This boy loves to get dirty!

P1010226 P1010227


The other day it was the sand.  I decided not to post the video of him eating the sand and then spitting up in the sandbox! 


Then, this afternoon started out innocently - 


And turned into this!!!


You’re probably wondering if I watch anything my child is doing.


The answer is yes.


But, a boy’s gotta be a boy, right? 

He got so dirty because while Harry and I were watering our straw bales Wyatt cruised on over and ended up in a mud puddle next to the last bale!  He loved it.

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