Face Painting

A while back, face painting came up, and I said wouldn’t it be funny if you painted my face?  Well, Harry thought that sounded pretty darn funny.  So after a little begging I finally let them do it, right before I hopped in the shower.  It was so hilarious.  I’d say Harry had fun, but Wyatt really got into it! 




Wyatt loved to get my lips, he just laughed and laughed.



Wyatt’s side


Harry’s side (it’s a bunny)

Let’s Finish This Up

Maine – it’s all about the seafood!



The food was so good and we were so hungry I didn’t take a “before” picture.  It was the best fried fish I’ve ever had.  The lobster roll was awesome too….oh and the clam chowder!  It was so good we got some to take with us!


Fisherman’s Grill – go there if you’re in Portland, Maine!  For a while we were the only ones in there because it’s the off season, so we got to talk to the owner who was a total hoot and had a strong Maine accent.  Very nice guy.

We stopped at this beach that turns out is a really nice place:  Kennebunkport!  We had not heard of it, but apparently many people live seasonally or vacation here in very expensive homes.  It was just a random stop for us!


It didn’t take long for Wyatt to fall in the water, and off came the clothes.


Harry is so observant!  He noticed the tiny, tiny little sea creatures that you can see in the sand pools. 


The day was beautiful, but I guarantee the water was still quite chilly – Wyatt, or surprisingly Harry, didn’t care a bit!



The nicest dog ever!  It’s owner was close by – the dog first came to Harry and dropped a ball in front of him, so we told Harry to throw it and the dog retrieved it.  Then he went to Wyatt and dropped the ball for him to throw it.  It was such a good and well-trained dog!  There were a handful of people walking their dogs on the beach. 





Visiting our “old” friends (from the Scioto Ward) in Littleton, MA!  They have an awesome house and a great yard for the kids.  I love to see them in it because before they moved they were in a tiny apartment!  They are a neat family and we loved spending time with them.  We all kept the kids up late for a trip to Kimball Farms for super yummy ice cream.  We shared the biggest –literally-banana split I have ever had.  It was massive, we’re talking almost bigger than my head. 



The boys playing in the dirt pile – a big hit in their backyard!


We passed the Boston Temple on the way to downtown.  Beautiful as always!

We really enjoyed Boston, especially since we didn’t drive much at all!  I’ve heard that’s one of the worst parts of Boston.  We walked along the “Freedom Trail” and then took a ferry to see the USS Constitution, although it was closed.  We got to see the visitor’s center and the outside of the ship.   



Being silly.



We waited at a park while David went to get the van.  He is awesome!!  We were all pretty beat, as it was quite a hot day for March.  We all got a little sunburned!


Boston really tired us out. 

Then we went to

Providence, Rhode Island

Hartford, Connecticut

Albany, New York

Syracuse, New York

Palmyra, New York


Joseph Smith Sr. home. 



Tired and hungry.  This defined a lot of our trip. 



Another tired and hungry boy!


The Sacred Grove. 


Niagra Falls


At the Howard Johnson in Niagra Falls. Swimming was a big hit.



The falls were amazing.  Definitely deserve the hype!


I was extremely sick this day.  Some kind of 24-hour stomach bug.  Yuck. 


There was a small group from China that was enamored with the boys!  This picture only shows one person taking a picture, but behind him were about 7 others.  The older people in the group especially liked to rub their heads.  They were all so nice.  


Trying not to be sick.




Anchor Bar – home of the original Buffalo wings!  Yum. 

Then we were basically on the home stretch.  It was an AMAZING trip!!!  It took me a few days to recover from the fun of it all and get back to a routine!


Montreal is a beautiful city.  I think it would even be nicer without dirt covered snowbanks and the like.  We rented bikes and took an adventuresome ride around the town…we got a bit lost, so we got a tour of part of the “industrial” area.  Don’t worry, it’s actually really close to the old town, which is the touristy section.  My favorite part was watching Harry ride on what they call the “giraffe” which is a bike extension that hooks on the larger bike.  He wasn’t sure at first, but after a minute or so he just kept saying over and over how fun it was to ride!  I pulled Wyatt in a trailer.  I was exhausted after trying to bike really fast (which was not really fast for me- I’m out of biking shape for sure!) to try to get back so we wouldn’t have to pay extra.  David surprised me with ice cream after and it made it all better Winking smile  If you want a little taste of France, go to Montreal.  Pretty much everyone can speak English, but I love to hear the French conversations floating through the air.  On the way out of town we tried Poutine from a little diner.  It is basically french fries with fresh cheese curd and brown gravy.  Personally, it looked fairly unappetizing but was quite good!  It is a common dish in Canada. 




Whole lot a makeup in the gutter.




We went into a market for just a jiffy


The only picture I got of the “giraffe” – while we were unloading.







Oh, Canada! Toronto and Ottowa

First to Toronto.  We all enjoyed Toronto, it is a huge city quite a bit like Chicago.  I have to say that the weather influenced me opinion of the city a bit; it was just a bit chilly and foggy.  Still though, a very cool big city and we enjoyed it.  One big adventure was our hotel.  I made a mistake on Priceline and I really thought we were guaranteed 2 queen beds, but we got to the hotel and surprise, it had two SINGLE beds.  We’re not even talking twin beds!  There wasn’t even really enough room on the floor to make one of the boys a bed, so we each shared a bed with a little boy.  Pretty hilarious, but it worked better than I thought and we got a sufficient amount of sleep.  The hotel did have a nice location and was clean which were redeeming qualities.  So funny though.


Rest stop on the way….


Celebrating the Chinese that rejected communism.


We hurried onto the metro which was really convenient to our hotel, and headed to St. Lawrence Market just before closing time!  It is almost exclusively fresh meats, seafood and cheeses and it was great!  There was a place that had ribs so David got some of those, along with fresh bread.



Starting to get tired!  On our way out we bought some blueberries that saved us on the metro ride to chinatown.  Wyatt just loves, loves, loves blueberries!


Dirty nose!


We all really enjoyed Chinatown, it was one of my favorite Chinatowns that I’ve been too.  Very real – I sensed there were a lot 1st generation Chinese folk there. 


The picture on the left is Harry fussing, which he does quite a bit these days, and the next one is posed. 


Oh Ottowa, it was so pretty.  Like I said, I think I’m very influenced by the weather.  It was almost 80 in Ottowa, there were many nice open areas to walk around, and the canal and parliament buildings were very nice.  Lots of people out and about in summer clothes.  We were still in church clothes because we went to church in Toronto, which was great.  Love a big city diverse ward!








Wyatt, tired and hungry yet again.  It was rough for us too because we didn’t have a stroller and he just wanted to be carried….he’s getting way too heavy for that business!


An Epic Road Trip Begins

Our first stop was to Saginaw, Michigan to visit the Stoddards!  We love them and they must love us because they still wanted us to come even though she had a baby 2 DAYS PRIOR!  It was suuuuper fun to meet little R and I absolutely loved holding her.  They have a nice big backyard that the boys enjoyed.  We made homemade pizza that I must say turned out so good – one of the best batches ever.  We tried creamy asparagus and spinach….oh yum.  We will be repeating that one!  We also got to spend some time at M’s parents property that has a 5 acre pond on it.  Harry caught a big Perch!  His line was the last to be reeled in of the day, and about 3 feet from the shore….surprise!  He got a bite.  He was incredibly excited as he was the only one that caught a fish and it was a pretty big one.  When we went home to eat it, I gutted it and found lots of fish eggs… was, to be honest, a little gross, and I am not usually squeamish.  Dave had suspected it just because the fish was so fat.  It was good to eat though.  The weather was amazing…and it continued through our ENTIRE TRIP.  It was as warm as it was a year ago when we visited Florida.  Crazy, but we’ll take it! 







He caught one earlier that was just too little to keep.


The Perch! 



By morning they were snuggled up together!

Hayden Run Falls




So neat that there’s a waterfall just 20 minutes away.  Apparently, it’s just a “falls” during the winter and disappears during the spring, summer and fall.  We went with dear friends the Ellsworths, one of my favorite families ever.  Beauty of nature + wonderful friends + 5 sweet little rosy-cheeked boys running around = happy.  Too bad Dave couldn’t be there- he met up with us for dinner just after this.  He’s quite busy with the end of the quarter!

The Cut Story

Here it is in David’s words:

Here's the story of the finger.  While we were driving across the country we purchased a bag of Cheetos.  Wyatt woke up from a nap and was really fussy and said he wanted Cheetos.  I didn't want to just give him a handful so I looked for a cup to put them in.  We didn't have a cup, so I figured I would make one out of a plastic bottle.  Two days earlier I had got a new knife for Christmas (we opened up Christmas presents from the family before we left) and I pulled it out.  I was in a hurry and when I started to cut I put as much pressure as my little key chain knife would have needed to cut through.  My knew knife is much, much sharper than my key chain knife and it went right through the bottle and through the pad of the last joint on my left pointer finger (see the picture to see where).  It hit the bone at the deepest point.  It started bleeding (a lot) and I wrapped it up with some toilet paper (Megan keeps a roll in the car to use for tissues) and we got off the next exit at a grocery store.  Megan spoke with some people in the parking lot and they said the closest place to go for help was Denver. 

We called Jordan and he started looking for an urgent care facility and Megan and I bandaged the cut with the first aid kit in our car (I've decided that having one in cars is a good idea).  We got back on the freeway and we were about 15 minutes from the outskirts of Denver (coming from the east) and by the time we hit the beltway Jordan had found an Urgent care clinic that was open and could stitch me that was on that side of town. 

We ended up at Rocky Mountain Urgent Care in Aurora, Colorado and I went in.  Meanwhile, Megan took the boys to McDonanld’s and they played on the toys there.  Inside, I filled out forms and they had me back in a room about 20 minutes after I walked in the door and a nurse cleaned the cut.  I then started soaking it and there was a little geyser of blood coming out, so we took it out and compressed it some more.  The doctor came in and started working on me.  My finger was pretty numb at that point but she still gave me a couple shots to numb it completely which helped a lot. 

It took three internal stitches to get the bleeding stopped and then eight more to close up the cut for a total of eleven stitches.  All in all it took about 45 minutest to stop the bleeding and stitch it because it took a while to get the one artery to stop bleeding.  Interestingly, one point on my finger didn't numb and so I very clearly felt one stitch coming out (and it's an interesting experience to get stabbed with a needle from the inside out) but the other 21 pokes were painless.  They put some topical antibiotics on it and wrapped it up and two hours after I had cut it, and one hour after I got to the clinic I was stitched up. 

In the future, I'm definitely going to an urgent care place before an ER if possible because it is much faster and my experience was excellent.  It has now been almost 10 days since I was cut and I'll take out the stitches tomorrow.  The cut is healing well and I'm optimistic that I'll be able to type with it again by the time school starts.

2011-12-18 18.18.53

This is one week later shortly before the stitches came out.

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