Tortilla Face and More!

2011-12-23 18.31.04

Harry figured this out on his own!


Uncle Tanner



Jumping on the Muhlestein’s trampoline!  The boys LOVED this so much.


A random bird outside Christina and Kathryn’s apartment.  Just trying out the camera.


At the Bean Museum Harry laughed and laughed at this crazy looking creature, it was funny!


Beautiful Provo, on BYU campus


I thought these were great.  Jordan and Crystal collected a bunch of mission pictures from the older siblings’ missions and gave them framed to the siblings still at home.


We visited Grandma Muhlestein on the way out to Utah….just hours after David got 11 stitches in Aurora, Colorado.  Oh boy.


Harry is a happy boy when he’s with Grandma!


It was exceptionally warm in Utah and we had a lot of time to play outside!


The incredible Salt Lake Temple


Cousins and (some of) the babies!!


The Aquarium in Sandy…lovin the camera!


Boondocks was a big hit too.


“Oma”  <3


Sushi….oh wow it was so good.  I tried to inhale some which was bad, but I lived through it.


Grandma Muhlestein drove the 1700 miles home with me and the boys (David had flown home a few days prior) and it was a blast!  We had a day to spend together in Columbus.


Maybe this is old news, but I got this idea from a friend (Thanks Christina!) and both the boys and I were entranced.  The water was chilly by the time I made them get out!


This is Wyatt’s new favorite.  When I first sang it to him (he already had listened to it many times)he laughed a big huge belly laugh every time I said “YUCK!” at the end.  I think his abridged version is super funny.  Comment if you know where this song comes from!

You Want Yogurt?

I love it when Wyatt has been quiet and I go to check on him….and he is NOT getting in trouble!  I came downstairs to find Wyatt in his “store.”  The food was really great despite the fact that the server had no pants on.  I had a lot of yogurt, and cereal.  He didn’t even charge me.   


I love Wyatt so much.




Hope this girl doesn’t mind her picture on here – I asked to take a picture because it was just too funny!  These cute puppies totally made me want a dog.  That I can swing.



Wyatt (and sometimes Harry) wake up pretty early these days and so our routine as of late is they get to snuggle up under a blankie and watch a movie each morning as I finish up my scripture study.  Wyatt, especially, is always extremely happy, smiley and sweet in the morning and sometimes it’s hard for me to tear myself away from his super cute face to go read!  I’ll have to be honest that Harry’s mornings vary and he can wake up happy or opinionated.  This day he was happy!


We had orange waffles for Halloween breakfast!


Cutest little tiger and ghost ever!  Harry was so cute because he just LOVED his costume and he made me feel like I spent hours on his costume, really it’s just big squares of white fabric.  Seriously, he thought it was the best ghost costume ever.  Easy to please! 


After trick-or-treating a few houses on our street we let the boys just go to town.  The house was quiet for 30 MINTUES.  I could not help but laugh at how intently they sat and ate their candy.  Wyatt was the funniest because he literally did not move from the spot he emptied his candy until we told him it was time to stop.  He was in candy heaven.  I think it just blew their minds that we let them eat so much.


Candy carnage!  Wyatt had a ball trying a few licks of each sucker, then moving on. All of this half-eaten stuff went in the “g-a-r-b-a-g-e” after they went to bed.


Wyatt loves making dinosaurs with this playdough.  He makes his dinosaurs be lining up chunks of playdough.  I actually think it’s kind of clever.  Friends on our street handed those tiny packs of playdough out instead of candy and I thought that was so fun.  The boys like it too. 


It was a nice fall day today and it was (sort of) warm enough to have the hose on. 


We’ve been letting our bunny out more these days and Harry and Wyatt think it is soooo much fun.  Wyatt is becoming more kind, but I still have to be so careful.  He sat on her twice today like he wanted a ride.  What an understanding bunny.


This happened just today.  No one got burned, I’ll just let the picture speak for itself. 



Harry’s Gymnastics Class at GymSkills



Harry loves gymnastics!  It’s at a place called GymSkills if anyone wants to know.  Today there was only one teacher (there are usually two), and he still had a lot of fun.  They do a lot of bear crawling, bunny hops, somersaults, running, jumping, jump twists and they do the balance beam, bars and mat.  We got it on a Groupon deal and although it’s a bit of a drive it has turned out really great.  Wyatt also loves going because he gets to bounce around on the side of the mat and sometimes on the trampoline while we are watching.  The whole thing is pretty hilarious and it’s definitely my Wednesday night entertainment!

Harry’s Primary Program Talk 2011

Harry was one of two talks in the primary program.  He did it all by himself up on the stand and everyone in the congregation was grinning ear to ear.  We began practicing Wednesday night and it barely came together on Saturday night and we were very relieved.  We are so proud of him!  He learned a lot and so did I.  This was the 3rd talk I have put together for him.  It’s pretty easy for me to write a normal length talk, but a lot different to write something extremely simple!  That is really what the gospel is about though- “the basics.”  Enjoy!

OSU Game Fall 2011




That’s a lot of red!  The kids had a blast.  Harry’s favorite part was that he got popcorn and lemonade and he also liked the “jumping.”  It was just Jordan and Clara, David and Harry.  Awesome dads, huh! 

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