Last Days of Summer

We had one really nice day last week and I thought I better make a dash for the fountains because it was probably our last chance.  I love the Scioto Mile and Bicentennial Park.  For those of your outside Ohio – if you come visit we will definitely take you there!




I didn’t tell them to do this.  Funny boys!  Harry was pretty worn out, and then of course Wyatt followed suit.


Harry is in a two day a week preschool.  He loves it and so do I!  Two days a week is just right.  I feel like I’ll really suffer in the full day, M-F life of Kindergarten.  I just think full day is way too long for a 5 year old!  But for now, we love his preschool and I like that they “study” and spend a lot of time in nature.


First day. 


Next day – with a backpack.  He really only takes an extra pair of clothes in it.  The first day I didn’t know that so I though, why should he take a backpack?  Our neighbor Chris gave it to him and he gave one to Wyatt too!


Taking a walk on the grounds near his preschool.


Sometimes Wyatt and I take a walk around the park after we drop Harry off.  We’ve been here 4 years and I still just love love love the green!  Wyatt’s smile is pretty much how he looks all day – super happy and excited.  That is, unless he’s bickering with his brother!


I’m excited that Harry is enjoying drawing, because the things I had tried at home were not really sparking an interest.  These are quite a bit above the level he started at before preschool, and I mean admit it, that’s about the cutest caterpillar ever.




The boys refused to touch the goats, it was just crazy!  Two of the goats were really going at it, butting their head together and such.  The closest they got to the goats was brushing and combing them!





We brought our 17 year old neighbor Jake with us, so he waited with Wyatt while I rode the carousel with Harry!  It was so fun! 

Franklin Park Conservatory



Snake-like cactus.


Totally love the bumpy cactus.


“Desert” section.


Okay, butterfly pictures out of the way.  They were everywhere, but so hard to get a picture of!  There are supposedly 100 different types there.  They do a “butterfly release” at 1pm, but we definitely weren’t going to last that long.  I can only imagine how enchanting that would be!  In the last picture is a resting blue morpho but it is just so hard to see with its wings closed.


This second picture is so great!  I caught Wyatt just as he was running, terrified, from the big blue butterflies ( I believe they’re called a blue morpho).  He was really scared of them, and they seemed to be the friendliest – they would fly very close to you.  Every time they got close to Wyatt he just ran to me crying, poor little guy.  I’d say they were about 5 inches across, so to Wyatt they were huge!



I like Harry’s face in this because it really shows how he looked the whole time we were in the butterfly exhibit.  Amazement!


I had Harry take a picture of me to prove I went.  I don’t know who else would take Harry and Wyatt, but hey, I want to have proof I was there.


They had a really amazing glass blowing demonstration too!  We had a great front row view, and it actually held the boys’ attention almost the whole time.  There are Chihuly sculptures all over the conservatory and I believe that is why they have the glass blowing.  It was so beautiful!  He said at 2200 degrees the glass is like honey, at 1000 it’s hard as rock.

Why haven’t we ever been here before now?  Loved it!  Oh, the reason we went is the boys got coupons for free admission through summer reading club (love the library!).



We get ripe raspberries about every other day.  Oh man, nothing like it!


The park!



Big Trucks at Cosi!!  Definitely a hit as always, but the boys were a bit tired, and later on in the day is when Harry came down with a fever.


Big Trucks 2011


Big Trucks 2010


Wyatt often bumbles around the dark room after I put the boys to bed.  One night when I came to check on the boys before I went to sleep I found Wyatt asleep on the floor (happens almost every day) and all the singamajigs in a row.  So funny!  Keep in mind it is DARK in there!


Cute Wyatt – this picture shows two things he LOVES:  brushing his teeth and “boots.”  I got these boots at a rumage sale and I intended them for Harry in the fall.  Apparently Wyatt doesn’t mind that they’re a little big on him – he will barely let anyone take them off.  They are now Wyatt’s.   Ya, his feet get pretty sweaty! 


Sad looking Harry in the ER at Nationwide.  Everything turned out OK, we were just worried is was bad because he couldn’t move his neck without a lot of pain, and it was really stiff, plus the fever.  It was a good night of a lot of one on one time with him and he was actually quite pleasant and happy (especially after they gave him some ibuprofen). 


I awoke one morning to find that Wyatt had snuck downstairs who knows when and pushed a chair over to a cupboard (after this happening over and over we now have a lock on the upstairs gate!).  He was asleep on our green chair in the living room.  I thought wow, this could have been a lot worse being as it was the cupboard with the syrup.  Later that morning I found an empty marshmallow bag that had been 1/4 to 1/3 full!!!  Silly boy.  I’m sure he was out of his mind that he had been able to eat as many as he wanted!  LOL…. 


On one of our bike rides on the Olentangy River Trail we spotted a turtle!  Its shell was about 12 inches long I’d say.  Kinda fun to see in the wild close up! 


Uncle Morgan is here visiting and he is SOOOOO helpful and the boys have so much fun with him.  So far he has helped me put together paintball packages, mop the floor, mow the lawn, stayed with the boys so I could go to the store alone and kept the boys busy while I’m preparing meals.  He’s awesome!

Cruising on the Scioto River


Is this really my family?  I look at this picture and think I AM SO BLESSED!!!  Love all my boys.





We had the river to ourselves and it was a perfect morning.

I know you’re saying, I want to do that!  So, let me know and we’ll go.

Slate Run Historical Living Farm - “Meet the Sheep”


Keep in mind they really do use this pump because it runs as a historical farm  - no running water or electricity, etc. 


It was a rainy day, but we still went and it was awesome because we were practically the only ones there.


How can you not love lambs?


Sorry about all the talking, but I still thought it was so cool to see how this is done. I also asked some questions and learned all about what types of wool are better for different materials, and about the lanolin levels.





Super dirty!  I let him splash to his hearts desire.  Then the pants came off when we got in the van. 


Grinding corn.


Up close to the pigs.


Harry did a pretty good job taking the picture.  Love these girls!

I was glad to be able to go home and throw the muddy clothes in the electric washer and dryer Winking smile

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