New Orleans, World of Coca Cola, and that’s all folks!!



Driving over the Mississippi


Beignets at Café du Monde.  WOW, yum.  They do not skimp on powdered sugar to be sure.  I loved their texture – definitely not a doughnut or a scone, but a beignet.



We wandered a little away from the tourist area and found a really great po’ boy that all the locals seemed to be eating dinner at.  David grabbed his and took of the the BYU game that was at the Superdome that night.  Even though BYU lost Sad smile he had a really great time.  After grabbing some milk and a few other things at Winn Dixie, the boys and I hung out in the hotel, watched some of the game on TV, and Skyped Grandma and Grandpa.  I fell asleep at about 8:30pm.  How was I so tired??



Loving the DVD player in the van! 


World of Coca-Cola!  It was WAY fun!!



Here are the drink testing stations.  If I remember correctly they have about 60 flavors to try and we tried them all!  (except the ones we suspected had caffiene…we’d just be wired).  I think this taste-testing was my favorite part….but possibly a tie with:


…..the part of the tour where you could see Coke actually being bottled.  I am so fascinated by all these crazy moving parts, and everything that goes into it.  So awesome. 

Afterward we drove straight through the night to return home (sweet home) at 7am, yes AM.  It was an amazing trip!  I encourage everyone to take your family on a road trip, we love them!  You shouldn’t be deterred from taking kids, either.  They love it and are more resilient than adults!   

Wetlands, Feeding the turtles, and Naples




This place was AMAZING.  I am fascinated by alligators and there was so much wildlife here that I had just never even seen before. 


I think what I’ll remember most about this is when Wyatt explored some fresh bird poo with his hand.  That was just really awesome.  But, if you know me, you know I didn’t really freak out too much…just wipe it off and don’t think about it too much! 


The beach in Melbourne, Florida


Mmmmmmm grapefruit!



Bored in the van.


Passing through Miami.


The beach in Naples, Florida (this is a west Florida coast beach for those unfamiliar with where Naples is)

Jacksonville and St. Augustine


This was near Fort George Inlet….I think.  It was a really small road with some kind of historical significance, ugh I wish I could remember.  Oh well! It was a turnout that we took on a chance and it was amazing.  There were residences on this road too.  It was a beautiful introduction to Florida!


Treaty Oak!!!

From Wikipedia: The tree has a trunk over 25 feet in circumference, it rises to height of 70 feet, and its crown spreads over 145 feet, with twisting branches that bow to the ground and curl back up. The oak shades a roughly circular area, about 190 feet in diameter. 

It is estimated to be over 250 years old.  This tree was seriously amazing, so beautiful and grand at the same time.  I could only imagine the root system on it. 



David of course carried the boys up!  Anyone who knows David knows that if there is a tree he will climb it.  Especially with flip-flops on.  Harry was super scared (very typical Harry) and Wyatt had fun and was very curious (typical Wyatt).  Seriously this is the neatest tree I have ever seen, even compared to the giant redwoods.  (Sorry all you California fans).  Okay, okay, they are both awesome.


The beach at St. Augustine!  We didn’t plan or make time to see any of the historical parts of the town, but it was our first beach stop and it was a blast!  I’m all about places where you can tell your kids more “yes yes yes” rather than “no no no”.  Our boys aren’t totally in love with the ocean water so we didn’t have to worry too much about them blazing into the waves.  They were so happy to wade and play in the sand!  And talk about beautiful weather….oh don’t get me started!



A jellyfish.


The boys had fun letting their pants get filled with water.


The happiest boy in the world!


Wyatt felt he needed to get to know this sand pile with his whole body!  He didn’t fall on it, he just looked at it and decided to flop down.  So funny!

Durham, NC


Rest stop!  The river was beautiful.


David’s home until he was 9.  He roamed these woods for hours on end.  It was fun for us all to see it, and for David to reminisce.  Ah, someday we’ll have some land! (hoping!)


Club Boulevard Elementary


West Pointe on the Eno.  Grandma Muhlestein recommended this and we loved it!  I had actually remembered to bring our binoculars on the trip so it was even more fun to see the turtles close up.  I counted 9 at one time on the log.  It was hilarious trying to point them out to Harry.  We really don’t know if he ever actually saw them, but he was enchanted with the binoculars anyway!


Where’s your belly??


Duke Gardens….ahhhh, heaven!  The weather was amazing and I should have been wearing shorts or a skirt!  It was really one of the most beautiful places I have been, there were so many trees with stark white blooms that were just gorgeous.  This is also where David received his call that he was offered the internship in Salt Lake for Leavitt Partners this summer.  Good day!  Duke was

a very peaceful and nice-looking campus. 


I got so many fun pictures today on our zoo trip!  It wasn’t really that cold and we practically had the zoo to ourselves.  It was SO great.  My favorite was the red panda – he is usually inside his house just sleeping.  Today he was awake and eating, and I just love its face. 



Checking out the elephants.  Harry said, “Beco is getting bigger!”   


The red panda.  I wish I had my other camera and maybe a zoom lens on top of that.  It was so interesting to watch it eating the bamboo.



Holding hands.  Both of the boys were helpful and kind the whole time.  (Miracle?)


This tiger looked awesome just basking on its rock throne, and then it decided to come say hello right next to the glass.  So beautiful!


The other tiger was content to lounge.


My little tiger.

Watch them chase the tiger back and forth, back and forth.


Basking in the sunshine.



I always get a kick out of flamingos just because of their odd features.  They were loud and active today!


Can you spot the snake?


The animal sculptures are always a hit, especially where they don’t burn your fingers off when you climb on.


I wore a hat that my sister-in-law Kathryn gave to me two Christmases ago.  I love it.  She is on a mission right now in Baltimore, Maryland!

Miniature Road Trips



Heading to Indy!


I thought downtown Indianapolis was really quite pretty.


Where the Colts play…I would love to see a Monday night NFL game here. 


We didn’t know that we’d see this on our way to the random restaurant we chose, so we were excited to get a glimpse!


Charlie Brown’s Pancake and Steak House.  Super yummy diner food!  I had the breaded pork tenderloin (supposedly an Indianapolis specialty).  It was definitely tasty.  We liked this place, it was very “mom and pop.”  Wyatt ate a ton of syrup.  Harry ate his entire cheese omlette!


This is why Wyatt wasn’t in the last picture – too distracted by the big excavator!  It looked like they were doing a lot of work on this land that is adjacent to the Speedway. 


Today we spent the morning in Cincinnati.  David had some scout training and we spent most of our time at IKEA!  We had a great eggs/bacon/potato and sweet roll breakfast.  I love that IKEA has yummy food (and I LOVE how kid friendly the whole place is!!). 



Lots of driving time….and still a happy boy!  So cute I can hardly stand it.


Yesterday Harry learned about food dye and so when we got home we had red breakfast burritos. 


After a crazy/fun/awesome couple of days it was nice to just sit down and get some snuggles!  I’m so happy when Wyatt sees me under a blanket and jumps right up with me. 



It began with a little on his mouth…


Proud of his work!


I wasn’t eating it, I promise! Winking smile 


Harry kept clean (like always) and painted a great picture of zebras.  He carefully painted the words too, which I found interesting. 


Totally unrelated but here’s a picture of how I dressed the boys on the BYU/San Diego game day.  It’s so fun to have a great team this year!  My boys are getting so big.  When I went to get Harry from his quiet time today he had cleaned up his entire room, and very well I must say, so he could check it off his job chart.  He was SO excited (dancing, grinning) to show me his room, it just totally made my day.  There were lots of hugs and kisses and praise for him!  Such a sweetie.  I just started a simple job chart for him on Monday and he loves it.  Another big boy update is that Wyatt is now sleeping in the bottom bunk – we’re on the third night and we still have to stay in there until he falls asleep, but he’s doing well and getting more used to it I think.  The reason we decided to switch him is he climbed out of his crib and got a big bonk and a rug burn on his forehead.  So sad!  I was still tempted to try and keep him in there, but David convinced me.  He was kind of tearing the crib apart because he was so strong.  Now he’s a big boy in the bottom bunk! 

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