Beggar’s Night

Trick-or-treat was really fun this year.  Wyatt actually seemed to understand what was going on!  He would plop himself in the stroller in between houses and then climb out when we stopped at a house.  We just did a few houses on our street.  If this picture gives you a double take, yes, Harry was a tiger last year and Wyatt was a monkey last year!  LOL  Harry chose to be a tiger without any hinting on my part and when I went to be a costume on sale at Old Navy they only had a monkey it Wyatt’s size.  That’s another story.  When I went to put on Wyatt’s costume I realized that it was missing the pants AND the banana!  I was a little tiffed that the Old Navy employees didn’t catch it, but hey, I didn’t notice either so I shouldn’t expect them to.  So, we will go back tomorrow and try to complete our costume!  Wyatt  LOVED wearing this monkey jacket, he just walked around like he was king of the house. (jungle?)  I think he thought it was so funny that his hands were covered.  Harry was way happy about all the candy and got two pieces tonight.  Love my boys!P1030187

Cousins Clara and Lucas and the boys.  Had my camera on the wrong setting, but luckily it was still pretty good.


So excited to trick-or-treat!


With our friend Kim, who we LOVE!  She just lives down the street.  If you can see Wyatt’s face you can see he’s developed a case of “stranger danger” the past couple weeks – meaning anyone other than Mom, Dad, or Harry is pretty scary.


YODA!!!!!  Crystal actually made this hat.  Super talented!  Lucas looked SOOO cute.

A Special Day for Harry

While mom was here we went to an Ohio State game!  It was Harry’s first, and despite being really tired, he had a memorable time.  He even got to buy a pretzel – I don’t know if he’ll be going back to a game while we live here, so I wanted to make it special for him.  We also went to the amazing Moritz Law School “tailgate” before the game.   It is more of a gourmet buffet style brunch held in a nice building near the law school.  MMMMMMmmmmm ;)  Wyatt will get his turn someday.  Those of you who are at or near BYU take advantage of taking kids to the games!!  At OSU you have to pay for a ticket the second they’re born.  Anyone know if BYU tickets are still free for kids under 2?  3?  We had a wonderful time at the game, even though David was quite sick.  It’s just so overwhelming and cool to see such a sea of red.  Go Bucks! 

DSC02545 P1030072 DSC02542

DSC02550 P1030076 P1030077 DSC02543

Park of Roses

We love the Park of Roses and it was in full bloom a couple weeks ago.  Ahhhh… heaven!  I love the David Austin Roses they are amazing.  I don’t think the Rose Garden has any, but oh goodness they are beautiful.    

IMG_0572 IMG_0574IMG_0592IMG_0603

  IMG_0596 IMG_0614 IMG_0621 IMG_0612 IMG_0579 IMG_0628

Health Reform in 9 minutes

This movie is great.  It even held Harry’s attention.  Not Wyatt’s, but hey, that’s pretty hard to do!  It’s from a website that David introduced me to, and it has no political overtones and has great, factual information that won’t leave you confused by who is right or wrong, it just gives facts and studies and such.  Oh and update on the caterpillar!  I was getting perennials today from our wonderful friend Bro. Lewis who is quite and avid gardener.  As we were looking at his tomato plants I said, hey maybe you know what this thing is!  Sure enough, he did – and pulled two off of his plants right there!  It is what he called a “tomato worm” and the white specks come from a black wasp that uses the caterpillar as the host for its eggs.  Eventually the caterpillar will die and the wasps will hatch.  Crazy, huh?  It’s like Planet Earth in our backyard! 

Just Another Update



We found the creepiest/coolest bug in our front cherry tomato patch.  I was so fascinated by it, but so weirded out at the same time.  Does anybody know if it has a parasite or what?  I’m most likely going to send the picture to the OSU extension and see if they know!  I’m upset that I didn’t get a better perspective shot – it was about size of my pointer finger.  We sent it flying into the median where we hoped a bird would eat it or something, because we really didn’t want to squish something that huge.


We went to a Clippers playoff game and Harry “caught” a ball!  It was a long hit and we told him to go ask the usher for the ball.  We weren’t able to get the ball from the field, but he did have one from batting practice and gave it to Harry!  Pretty fun.  We basically had the grass to ourselves – and the other family was from the Franklin Branch! 

 P1020878 P1020879 P1020883  P1020893 P1020899 P1020888

We picked apples and made 84 quarts of applesauce!  I just love picking apples.  When I wash the apples to get them ready to peel I think it is one of the most beautiful things – the look so shiny and colorful.  When the peeling begins it starts to get messy and not so pretty!  Such a fun tradition for us.  We have done it every year we’ve been here.  We pick the apples at the neighbor of a ward friend who lets us do it every apple season.  Free apples + family tradition + food storage = good times.  84 quarts in one day….oh it was so much work be we felt like we had accomplished a lot at the end of the day. 

 P1020976 P1020978 P1020965 P1020982P1020959

We took a very short trip to Cleveland!  It was going to be more of a day trip but poor poor Wyatt developed the symptoms of hand, foot and mouth virus in full force.  I had taken him to the doctor the day before for what I thought was an earache, and I just didn’t feel like things were right.  He did have some fluid and redness in his ear, but then while we were on our trip he was hysterical and as he was wailing I spotted the horrible looking sores on the roof of his mouth.  We felt horrible for dragging him up there – so, we took a look at Lake Erie (it was really pretty), drove past Browns stadium, and got lunch at Slyman’s.  The sandwiches were so mouthwatering it was insanity.  It truly was a lot of meat and we weren’t hungry for a while, but wow it was good.  It was the most tender corned beef we have ever had and the tradition is to have it with thousand island dressing.  I don’t like thousand island on a salad but it was so perfect on this sandwich.  Ok, so do you get my drift?  Go there if you’re in Cleveland!  Sandwiches in tow, we then headed straight home while Wyatt wailed himself to sleep.  We felt so bad!  Then of course a couple days later Harry got it, but not as bad which was a blessing.


This is just a super cute picture of Wyatt.  I know it’s heavy on the flash, but still such a sweet little man!

Deer Creek

Recently we took a trip to see Deer Creek Reservoir.  We packed our water gear and headed out.  When we arrived we saw this:

P1020835 P1020836

An enormous parking lot – COMPLETELY empty.  It was so eerie!  This was the Friday of Labor Day weekend, too!  For a few moments we were just thinking this is crazy weird.  Then David remembered that some reservoirs in the state had been under no swim warnings because of algae blooms.  It wasn’t a huge sign, but upon a closer look there was a sheet of paper with the warning. 

So, we had the park all to ourselves!  It was a invigorating windy day and it was beautiful scenery.  Instead of getting in the water we ran, rolled, swung, jumped, and basically enjoyed the open space.


I love this action picture


Look at those blue eyes





Harry is awesome in this one


Hilarious attempt to get an “arm’s length” family photo (on a very windy day).

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig



Sleepy boys…finally.  Thank goodness for the DVD player my parents gave them for their B-days, but still it was a long drive!  It was somewhat of a treat when they fell asleep at the same time.


The drive on I70 heading into Denver was so incredible.  I guess it’s just really bad in the winter and I believe it! 


Denver and the 16th Street Mall.  Enjoyed seeing locals and tourists alike.


A nice man ran all the way across the street in a hurry when he saw we were taking pictures and offered to get one of the whole fam!


Independence, MI Visitor’s Center.  Even thought we had a fairly quick tour I loved it because really I didn’t (and still don’t) know that much of the history of the church there.


A great little kids room!




The Temple Site in Independence


The St. Louis Arch left me in awe!  It was bigger than I thought it would be and I loved the design.  We didn’t go up to the top this time….



…but did enjoy the museum underneath it.  Really, it was a good museum and had life-like moving wax people – is there a better word for them? – that made it quite interesting.  The first “person” we saw really threw off Harry and he seriously couldn’t tell if they were real or not when I asked him :)  Wyatt liked screaming and being cute simultaneously again!


OK we had seen this billboard I think 2 times as we were in the St. Louis area but only caught this one on camera.  We barely caught it!  We thought it was the most hilarious billboard ever – here’s the zoom, get ready!


HE’S WEARING A FULL OUT EYE PATCH!  Awesome or crazy you decide.

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