Kangaroo Zoo!  It seems this has become pretty popular, and I know why.  It’s even become a tradition for us when we visit!


Matching soccer jerseys from Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Christina.  They had just returned from Italy!  


At my dad’s shop.  He owns a machine shop.  Even though I’ve been there so many times I still love seeing the huge lathes, drills, and machines I don’t even know the name of or what they do….ha!


The Dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point.  The boys loved it!  Harry despised the sand/water tables.  We totally thought he would love it, but completely spaced the fact that he doesn’t like to get his hands dirty.  Wyatt would have climbed all the way in if we let him.


We had KFC and roasted marshmallows as Mosquito Park with my parents and it was so fun.  After eating his marshmallow, Wyatt became a marshmallow – he was sticky from head to toe.  Then into the dirt, you know how it goes.  It was a blast. 

Insert picture here of camping on Bountiful Peak.  SO BEAUTIFUL.  Dear mountains, I miss you in Ohio.  We got to hike, make a fire, and just basically take in the amazing views and nature.  -BUT- we forgot the camera.  Classic.  Dave did have his cell, but it’s really just not the same quality.


Wyatt, Me, Mom, Harry, and my Grandpa Forsberg.  I believe he turns 94 in December!


We had amazing food the whole trip and definitely gained a few pounds.  Wyatt loved these Ciobani yogurts that my parents get at Costco.  I ate a few myself ;)


Dave got to paintballing with Robby!  We still call him Robby but possibly he goes by Rob now, but I think he’ll always be Robby to us. 


While Dave was paintballing we went to Summerfest.  So fun.  I have good memories of when my grandma would have a booth there.  She’s been with Heavenly Father for a while now, but we still love going.  Harry was scared (why I’m not sure) to get his face painted so my mom got one on her face – a big dinosaur – and Harry decided it was a good idea!  Isn’t she the best grandma EVER!!?!  Wyatt unfortunately is too wiggly for face painting ;)  Such a cutie!


At the very end we got caught in a rainstorm and had to book it to the van!  We were absolutely drenched but it was so funny so my dad took a picture – you can’t really tell how wet we were but we laughed about it all day.


Got to see my bro and his shop in Salt Lake!  He is an amazing artist and does metal artwork, but he also does basic machining stuff.  He also does a little work for the movie studio that is in the same building.  We got to see some incredibly amazing miniature models (the kind that look huge and life-like with the right camera/lighting work).  That was cool. 


One of my favorite pizza places ever ever ever.  Settebello Pizzeria.  People.  If you haven’t been there and you are a Utah-ite.  GO!  It is the closest to real Italian pizza you will get – my opinion doesn’t count for much in that but David’s does and he says it is the closest.  MMMMMmmmmmm.  Wyatt was even mildly quiet for the meal – we risk a lot taking this boy to restaurants because he is SO LOUD (Happy loud).  Can anyone second me on that?


Swimming at Rosas.  Chilly but fun!  Wyatt would have stayed in all night – he had the quiver jaw the whole time but was in heaven!


Harry was super brave this time!  You might laugh, but it was a really big deal for him to swim 5 feet to me without help – even with the floaters and innertube!  Dad made him a deal that if he did it I would dive off the diving board.  Notice that DAVE made that deal and I didn’t? :)  Anyway I happily did it when Harry finally made it to me.


As noted before, we went to Hogle Zoo also!

Those were some of the highlights.  We had an amazing trip and it was just wonderful, as always, to spend time with family!

The Trip Out


At Carthage Jail.  This is the room where the mob came in and Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum were killed.


Harry’s favorite part was collecting “treasures”


Then to Nauvoo!  It was beautiful and so fun.  The Church does a great job of making it such a wonderful place to visit!  It was amazing to see the Nauvoo Temple.  I felt the beauty in its design and also the beauty of the history it holds.  It helped that the weather was just right.  It was humid, slightly cloudy and not hot.  So I guess we didn’t experience “true” Nauvoo weather but I wasn’t too sad about that!! 


Just playing outside the blacksmith shop.


It was cool to see this missionary make a mini horseshoe.  This place must have been hot and very busy when Nauvoo was bustling.  Harry was lucky to get to keep the little horseshoe! 


Ropemaking is awesome!


The family center there is amazing.  The boys loved seeing the bustle ovens (and eating fresh baked bread), making rope, learning how they made yarns and dyed them – and we didn’t even do everything in there!



In the children’s game section.  I couldn’t take one step on these stilts!  David was a pro at it, and Harry had a good time trying it out. 


Wyatt’s favorite “game” was chomping on the wood chips!


The horse drawn wagon ride was peaceful and relaxing.  So relaxing, in fact, that Harry fell completely asleep.  This is a boy that really ONLY sleeps in his bed.  Seriously, I was in shock/awe. 



So asleep that he didn’t even wake up afterward!  We had then been in Nauvoo 6 hours.  We absolutely could have stayed longer – days longer – but Harry was zonked and Wyatt was tired too so we decided to hit the road again!


The boys running down a huge rock pile during one of our pit stops.


Pine Bluffs, Wyoming rest area


Harry thought this was the “biggest hole he’d ever seen”

We made it to Bountiful that evening – ahhhh.  It was great to have a shower, non-fast food dinner and a bed, but it was the best to see Mom and Dad!

A Few Vacation Pics….

So here are a few pics from Utah.  I’m still trying to transfer more pictures from the laptop to our main computer.  It’s just a matter of doing it!  We have had days packed full of house projects.  We just painted our bedroom and Harry’s room and I LOVE how they turned out.  It’s also nice to not have huge repair patches that have been there for a year.  Seriously.  Painting is such a big job…wow.  We also rented a carpet cleaner and cleaned the carpets.  It was also a big job, but it felt so great to get it done – and boy, I couldn’t believe the dirt that was coming out of that Rug Doctor!!  Hooray for no more spit-up spots ;)


Harry got a new hat AND sunglasses at the zoo!



We love the Hogle Zoo!  I think my favorite part is the bird show.  Seriously it is amazing – so all you Utahns that haven’t seen it you should go!  Even Wyatt sat through it pretty well.  I need to get a picture from my mom of Harry standing by the huge bald eagle – awesome! 


We took a stop on the way home in Monticello to see “Great Grandma Muhlestein.”  Grandma Muhlestein always makes me feel so welcome and special.  She always has a yummy dinner waiting for us too!  Thanks Grandma!  Monticello is so beautiful.  I think it would be a wonderful place to live if you want the county life.


Picking apricots in the backyard.  They were so good…just as juicy as a peach and oh so flavorful.  David will have to remind me of the name because that’s what we’re growing when we have room for an apricot tree!!  They were a perfect fresh treat on the rest of the drive home.


The boys in one of the greenhouses.  David’s uncle now runs the greenhouses and they are pretty amazing.  I’ve only been there once in the spring and it was just beautiful inside with all those healthy and vibrant plants!  David enjoyed seeing Harry run on the tables just as he did when he was little.


Grandma gets a visitor every day on her deck – a beautiful peacock!  Harry found a feather and was pretty excited to take it home.

Then it was on to Denver and on to our home sweet home.

Long time…

P1020755 Many of you have looked at Wyatt’s birthday for a long time!  We have been on vacation and hanging out with family here in Ohio after that.  It was awesome!  We are starting to get back to our normal routine.  I have a bazillion pictures from Utah and the road trip out and back.  I’m still organizing them, but you can look forward to many more posts!  Here are some of our more recent doings!

P1020762 P1020775 P1020779 P1020784

P1020786 P1020792 P1020803 P1020804

The fountains were a BLAST! 

Wyatt’s Birthday!

Poor little Wyatt has been left out for much too long!  We had a wonderful birthday celebration for him. 

P1020242P1020246 P1020248

Presents!!  He was slightly interested in the unwrapping, but did like the contents! 


Wyatt and Harry both got their shovels on Wyatt’s birthday.  They were a hit!

P1020259 P1020262P1020261

Excited for cake!!  He wanted to touch it SOOOO much.  It was hilarious!  

P1020266 P1020276P1020271

Dippin in!  I had fun making his cake – it was my first attempt at a rainbow cake and I thought it was so vibrant and great for the birthday boy.  The things on top are little mice with Necco candies for ears.

P1020285 P1020283 P1020286

Funny thing was, he was too full for cake and just insisted on sharing it with everyone!  Such a cutie.  I totally thought he would chow like he did with Harry’s cake!



So crazy that little Wy is one year old.  I may have said it before, but it has been the fastest year of my life.  I have no idea where the time went.  That is why I take a lot of pictures, play a lot, snuggle and lot (as much as this little wiggle worm will let me!), and journal it all.  Wyatt is so sweet and so fun.  He curious and wiggly and loves to chew on rocks or whatever he can get his hands on.  His smile fills his whole face and it is so contagious!  He can do “popcorn popping” and loves to give hugs and kisses.  He loves to roll a ball back and forth.  Oh my goodness I love this boy so much.  Wyatt what would I do without you?  It’s been my fastest year ever, AND my best year ever.  Happy 1st!

3 Years Old!

Here’s how the birthday went!


We made mini pillows.  I had them sewn on three sides (the back is awesome dino fabric) and then at the party they traced their hand, colored, stuffed and then I sewed them up in a jiffy so they were done right then and there.


Then dinner.  Pasta – Harry’s choice.  It was amazing because he totally ate all his dinner – he even stayed in his seat when people were transitioning over to presents in the living room!  We love using our “special” plate, and Harry was pretty excited about it. 



Present time!




Clara wanted presents!

Then we launched a few bottle rockets!  No pictures, though.  Dave built an awesome launcher for a scout activity (with our money and the idea that we’d be keeping it!) and it is a lot of fun to watch.  Maybe he’ll do a blog about it. 


The cake.  Harry’s request:  Chocolate and vanilla swirl with strawberry cream cheese frosting!  I added the “dirt” and worms etc because he loves being out in the garden.


Harry ate one bite of cake and ALL of his ice cream (with seconds of ice cream).  He loves ice cream to be sure!  But as for Wyatt…..IMG_0503 IMG_0506


He conquered the cake and ice cream.  It was hilarious and I must admit I took more pictures of Wyatt – he was way more in to the cake what can I say?

Here’s Harry’s banner:


It was such a super fun day.  It was THE BEST to see Harry so excited about everything.  He was full of excited giggles all day!  He really understands birthdays now, and I can hardly wait for next year.

I love birthdays.  I love the fun, celebration, family, friends, laughter, smiles - and the chance also to reflect on the birth.  The most amazing thing on earth is having a child.  It was great to think back about my first days with Harry and the amazing boy he is now. 




Jim Tressel


The “flyover.”  This NEVER gets old for me.  I love the roar and how tightly they stay in formation.  I think I would be in heaven at an air show!



Wyatt loves to share everything – including suckers!  He also enjoyed sticking it to dad’s back when dad wasn’t looking.

 IMG_0322 IMG_0323


Tried to get a rainbow in the picture.


THE BASEMENT DOCTOR!  I thought this was hilarious/strangely awesome that he was in the parade (the truck w/advertisement was just behind him).

Life is so good.  

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