Somewhat Amusing Video

Harry was learning how to roll down a hill.

Wyatt was thrilled to cruise down on all fours.  Sorry about the brightness!











This is at our awesome library!  It was part of the “Summer Reading Club.”  Snakes, baby alligator, tortoise, tarantula.  I was so happy Harry got called up to hold the snake because there were a LOT of kids there!  He is laughing because he got a kiss on the nose from the ball python!  Funny thing was we came home, and when Daddy exclaimed, “you got to hold a REAL snake?” Harry said “No, not a real one”  Maybe he would have been a little more scared if he realized it was “real!”  So funny.

P1020115 P1020119 P1020130 P1020131

We love the park.  It started out a bit rough when Harry had his first “accident” but turned out well.  (I had planned ahead).



P1020186 P1020187 P1020189 P1020190 P1020192

Crazy family home evening activity!  Wyatt wasn’t really fond of all the extra hair, not one bit.  We’re nuts.


This is quite unlike my other posts, but I came across this and felt it worth posting.  It is my piano teacher from BYU, Dr. Scott Holden, and the piece is truly one of my favorites.  If you have a couple minutes, watch it and be moved. 

Our Discovery

Upon coming home from Big Trucks I walked in the back door and stopped dead in my tracks as I saw this on our fridge:


I screamed, seriously.

I’m thinking oh no.  No roaches.  No roaches.  No no not again!  I’m looking at it like where in the world did this come from?

Immediately Harry sees it and starts to scream (“bloody murder”) and cry and get super scared (he’s not fond of bugs in the least).

P1010972 P1010973

As we’re all flipping out David comes down the stairs laughing his guts out!

These things look real!!!!!  He said he bought them a while ago and the result was even better than he imagined. 

We laughed about it all day (and we still laugh about it!)

Here’s a video of super-overwhelmed Harry:

I know they don’t look as convincing in the pictures, but in living color they are pretty creepy!  Even after we told Harry they were just toys he still wouldn’t touch them for a while!



Wyatt thought all the drama was pretty amusing.

Big Trucks!

Once again we LOVED “Big Trucks” at COSI.  It’s such an awesome exhibit!  Harry got to operate 2 excavators, a boom forklift, and I got to be lifted up by a big crane!  I was trying to show Harry that it was fun, but that was one machine he didn’t want anything to do with.  Wyatt loved it too, and fought wearing his hat the whole time.  There are many other trucks that you can get in and pretend to drive.  I too am fascinated by these amazing machines!  




Almost every picture of Harry is like this one – too busy looking around and learning!


Wyatt still wanted to look at me, but just for a second!


I told Harry he could take a picture of Wyatt on the truck, and this is what we got.  We’ll call it “artistic” I like the sky in it.




Harry operating the excavator.

Here’s one from last year, just for fun: 


I thought it was funny that I think that Wyatt wore the same green onesie with overalls (different pair) this year, that Harry wore last year.  Last year Wyatt was chillin’ in my belly.  So crazy how big he is now.  I think he enjoyed it more this time around ;)  

Just wait until you see what we found when we came home!

See Our Garden Grow

Hopefully these make a little sense so you can see how much our garden has grown in less than a month!  We are excited about our garden and I’m hoping to do a lot of canning.  We have about 50 tomato plants and 50 pepper plants (the peppers are David’s decision because I would have no use for a bazillion peppers).  Our soil is awesome yet again this year and we have had SO much rain – I’m wondering if it’s going to affect the tomatoes (blossom end rot).  This is our biggest garden yet and it is an experiment because we are interested to see if it is really worth having this many plants (could be more work than it’s worth).  Our broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts are doing well too. 


Raspberry patch 5/28.      

P1020013 P1020014

Raspberry patch 6/17.


Tomatoes, Broccoli etc 5/28.

 P1010988 P1020015

Tomatoes, Broccoli etc 6/17.


Straw bales at the 5/28.        


Straw bales today (6/17) – we had higher hopes for the straw bales, but they don’t get as much sun as the rest of the garden because of the neighbor’s tree.  I think that’s the biggest thing affecting it right now – and we’re hoping it will still take off.


Spinach and lettuce on 5/28.         


Spinach and lettuce plot today – filled with new eggplants, herbs, melons and more tomato plants.


The tomato and eggplant plot on 5/28.  

 P1020009 P1010984P1020012

The tomato and eggplant plot today.


Cherry tomatoes on 5/28.         


Cherry tomatoes today.  David’s hoping these will be his “4th of July” tomatoes.  His goal was to have a ripe tomato by the 4th.


Pepper patch on 5/28.

P1010991 P1010992

Pepper patch today.


Front yard pepper patch 5/28          


Front yard pepper patch today (6/17).

Now for some close-ups.

P1020005 P1020006 P1020016 P1020017 P1020018 P1020024P1020023




Zelle  (Short for Giselle)

P1010996  P1020003

A friend from the ward gave us a ton of starts from his amazing perennial garden (seriously, amazing).  I think our front flower patch actually has hope now!  Especially next year when they start to fill in more.  I also got free planters from a friend and I planted some annuals and herbs and I think they look really vibrant and nice. 

Something Changed

Megan made a change.  Tell us what you think.




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