Big Trucks!

Once again we LOVED “Big Trucks” at COSI.  It’s such an awesome exhibit!  Harry got to operate 2 excavators, a boom forklift, and I got to be lifted up by a big crane!  I was trying to show Harry that it was fun, but that was one machine he didn’t want anything to do with.  Wyatt loved it too, and fought wearing his hat the whole time.  There are many other trucks that you can get in and pretend to drive.  I too am fascinated by these amazing machines!  




Almost every picture of Harry is like this one – too busy looking around and learning!


Wyatt still wanted to look at me, but just for a second!


I told Harry he could take a picture of Wyatt on the truck, and this is what we got.  We’ll call it “artistic” I like the sky in it.




Harry operating the excavator.

Here’s one from last year, just for fun: 


I thought it was funny that I think that Wyatt wore the same green onesie with overalls (different pair) this year, that Harry wore last year.  Last year Wyatt was chillin’ in my belly.  So crazy how big he is now.  I think he enjoyed it more this time around ;)  

Just wait until you see what we found when we came home!