Our Discovery

Upon coming home from Big Trucks I walked in the back door and stopped dead in my tracks as I saw this on our fridge:


I screamed, seriously.

I’m thinking oh no.  No roaches.  No roaches.  No no not again!  I’m looking at it like where in the world did this come from?

Immediately Harry sees it and starts to scream (“bloody murder”) and cry and get super scared (he’s not fond of bugs in the least).

P1010972 P1010973

As we’re all flipping out David comes down the stairs laughing his guts out!

These things look real!!!!!  He said he bought them a while ago and the result was even better than he imagined. 

We laughed about it all day (and we still laugh about it!)

Here’s a video of super-overwhelmed Harry:

I know they don’t look as convincing in the pictures, but in living color they are pretty creepy!  Even after we told Harry they were just toys he still wouldn’t touch them for a while!



Wyatt thought all the drama was pretty amusing.