3 Years Old!

Here’s how the birthday went!


We made mini pillows.  I had them sewn on three sides (the back is awesome dino fabric) and then at the party they traced their hand, colored, stuffed and then I sewed them up in a jiffy so they were done right then and there.


Then dinner.  Pasta – Harry’s choice.  It was amazing because he totally ate all his dinner – he even stayed in his seat when people were transitioning over to presents in the living room!  We love using our “special” plate, and Harry was pretty excited about it. 



Present time!




Clara wanted presents!

Then we launched a few bottle rockets!  No pictures, though.  Dave built an awesome launcher for a scout activity (with our money and the idea that we’d be keeping it!) and it is a lot of fun to watch.  Maybe he’ll do a blog about it. 


The cake.  Harry’s request:  Chocolate and vanilla swirl with strawberry cream cheese frosting!  I added the “dirt” and worms etc because he loves being out in the garden.


Harry ate one bite of cake and ALL of his ice cream (with seconds of ice cream).  He loves ice cream to be sure!  But as for Wyatt…..IMG_0503 IMG_0506


He conquered the cake and ice cream.  It was hilarious and I must admit I took more pictures of Wyatt – he was way more in to the cake what can I say?

Here’s Harry’s banner:


It was such a super fun day.  It was THE BEST to see Harry so excited about everything.  He was full of excited giggles all day!  He really understands birthdays now, and I can hardly wait for next year.

I love birthdays.  I love the fun, celebration, family, friends, laughter, smiles - and the chance also to reflect on the birth.  The most amazing thing on earth is having a child.  It was great to think back about my first days with Harry and the amazing boy he is now.