Wyatt’s Birthday!

Poor little Wyatt has been left out for much too long!  We had a wonderful birthday celebration for him. 

P1020242P1020246 P1020248

Presents!!  He was slightly interested in the unwrapping, but did like the contents! 


Wyatt and Harry both got their shovels on Wyatt’s birthday.  They were a hit!

P1020259 P1020262P1020261

Excited for cake!!  He wanted to touch it SOOOO much.  It was hilarious!  

P1020266 P1020276P1020271

Dippin in!  I had fun making his cake – it was my first attempt at a rainbow cake and I thought it was so vibrant and great for the birthday boy.  The things on top are little mice with Necco candies for ears.

P1020285 P1020283 P1020286

Funny thing was, he was too full for cake and just insisted on sharing it with everyone!  Such a cutie.  I totally thought he would chow like he did with Harry’s cake!



So crazy that little Wy is one year old.  I may have said it before, but it has been the fastest year of my life.  I have no idea where the time went.  That is why I take a lot of pictures, play a lot, snuggle and lot (as much as this little wiggle worm will let me!), and journal it all.  Wyatt is so sweet and so fun.  He curious and wiggly and loves to chew on rocks or whatever he can get his hands on.  His smile fills his whole face and it is so contagious!  He can do “popcorn popping” and loves to give hugs and kisses.  He loves to roll a ball back and forth.  Oh my goodness I love this boy so much.  Wyatt what would I do without you?  It’s been my fastest year ever, AND my best year ever.  Happy 1st!