A Few Vacation Pics….

So here are a few pics from Utah.  I’m still trying to transfer more pictures from the laptop to our main computer.  It’s just a matter of doing it!  We have had days packed full of house projects.  We just painted our bedroom and Harry’s room and I LOVE how they turned out.  It’s also nice to not have huge repair patches that have been there for a year.  Seriously.  Painting is such a big job…wow.  We also rented a carpet cleaner and cleaned the carpets.  It was also a big job, but it felt so great to get it done – and boy, I couldn’t believe the dirt that was coming out of that Rug Doctor!!  Hooray for no more spit-up spots ;)


Harry got a new hat AND sunglasses at the zoo!



We love the Hogle Zoo!  I think my favorite part is the bird show.  Seriously it is amazing – so all you Utahns that haven’t seen it you should go!  Even Wyatt sat through it pretty well.  I need to get a picture from my mom of Harry standing by the huge bald eagle – awesome! 


We took a stop on the way home in Monticello to see “Great Grandma Muhlestein.”  Grandma Muhlestein always makes me feel so welcome and special.  She always has a yummy dinner waiting for us too!  Thanks Grandma!  Monticello is so beautiful.  I think it would be a wonderful place to live if you want the county life.


Picking apricots in the backyard.  They were so good…just as juicy as a peach and oh so flavorful.  David will have to remind me of the name because that’s what we’re growing when we have room for an apricot tree!!  They were a perfect fresh treat on the rest of the drive home.


The boys in one of the greenhouses.  David’s uncle now runs the greenhouses and they are pretty amazing.  I’ve only been there once in the spring and it was just beautiful inside with all those healthy and vibrant plants!  David enjoyed seeing Harry run on the tables just as he did when he was little.


Grandma gets a visitor every day on her deck – a beautiful peacock!  Harry found a feather and was pretty excited to take it home.

Then it was on to Denver and on to our home sweet home.