The Trip Out


At Carthage Jail.  This is the room where the mob came in and Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum were killed.


Harry’s favorite part was collecting “treasures”


Then to Nauvoo!  It was beautiful and so fun.  The Church does a great job of making it such a wonderful place to visit!  It was amazing to see the Nauvoo Temple.  I felt the beauty in its design and also the beauty of the history it holds.  It helped that the weather was just right.  It was humid, slightly cloudy and not hot.  So I guess we didn’t experience “true” Nauvoo weather but I wasn’t too sad about that!! 


Just playing outside the blacksmith shop.


It was cool to see this missionary make a mini horseshoe.  This place must have been hot and very busy when Nauvoo was bustling.  Harry was lucky to get to keep the little horseshoe! 


Ropemaking is awesome!


The family center there is amazing.  The boys loved seeing the bustle ovens (and eating fresh baked bread), making rope, learning how they made yarns and dyed them – and we didn’t even do everything in there!



In the children’s game section.  I couldn’t take one step on these stilts!  David was a pro at it, and Harry had a good time trying it out. 


Wyatt’s favorite “game” was chomping on the wood chips!


The horse drawn wagon ride was peaceful and relaxing.  So relaxing, in fact, that Harry fell completely asleep.  This is a boy that really ONLY sleeps in his bed.  Seriously, I was in shock/awe. 



So asleep that he didn’t even wake up afterward!  We had then been in Nauvoo 6 hours.  We absolutely could have stayed longer – days longer – but Harry was zonked and Wyatt was tired too so we decided to hit the road again!


The boys running down a huge rock pile during one of our pit stops.


Pine Bluffs, Wyoming rest area


Harry thought this was the “biggest hole he’d ever seen”

We made it to Bountiful that evening – ahhhh.  It was great to have a shower, non-fast food dinner and a bed, but it was the best to see Mom and Dad!