Kangaroo Zoo!  It seems this has become pretty popular, and I know why.  It’s even become a tradition for us when we visit!


Matching soccer jerseys from Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Christina.  They had just returned from Italy!  


At my dad’s shop.  He owns a machine shop.  Even though I’ve been there so many times I still love seeing the huge lathes, drills, and machines I don’t even know the name of or what they do….ha!


The Dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point.  The boys loved it!  Harry despised the sand/water tables.  We totally thought he would love it, but completely spaced the fact that he doesn’t like to get his hands dirty.  Wyatt would have climbed all the way in if we let him.


We had KFC and roasted marshmallows as Mosquito Park with my parents and it was so fun.  After eating his marshmallow, Wyatt became a marshmallow – he was sticky from head to toe.  Then into the dirt, you know how it goes.  It was a blast. 

Insert picture here of camping on Bountiful Peak.  SO BEAUTIFUL.  Dear mountains, I miss you in Ohio.  We got to hike, make a fire, and just basically take in the amazing views and nature.  -BUT- we forgot the camera.  Classic.  Dave did have his cell, but it’s really just not the same quality.


Wyatt, Me, Mom, Harry, and my Grandpa Forsberg.  I believe he turns 94 in December!


We had amazing food the whole trip and definitely gained a few pounds.  Wyatt loved these Ciobani yogurts that my parents get at Costco.  I ate a few myself ;)


Dave got to paintballing with Robby!  We still call him Robby but possibly he goes by Rob now, but I think he’ll always be Robby to us. 


While Dave was paintballing we went to Summerfest.  So fun.  I have good memories of when my grandma would have a booth there.  She’s been with Heavenly Father for a while now, but we still love going.  Harry was scared (why I’m not sure) to get his face painted so my mom got one on her face – a big dinosaur – and Harry decided it was a good idea!  Isn’t she the best grandma EVER!!?!  Wyatt unfortunately is too wiggly for face painting ;)  Such a cutie!


At the very end we got caught in a rainstorm and had to book it to the van!  We were absolutely drenched but it was so funny so my dad took a picture – you can’t really tell how wet we were but we laughed about it all day.


Got to see my bro and his shop in Salt Lake!  He is an amazing artist and does metal artwork, but he also does basic machining stuff.  He also does a little work for the movie studio that is in the same building.  We got to see some incredibly amazing miniature models (the kind that look huge and life-like with the right camera/lighting work).  That was cool. 


One of my favorite pizza places ever ever ever.  Settebello Pizzeria.  People.  If you haven’t been there and you are a Utah-ite.  GO!  It is the closest to real Italian pizza you will get – my opinion doesn’t count for much in that but David’s does and he says it is the closest.  MMMMMmmmmmm.  Wyatt was even mildly quiet for the meal – we risk a lot taking this boy to restaurants because he is SO LOUD (Happy loud).  Can anyone second me on that?


Swimming at Rosas.  Chilly but fun!  Wyatt would have stayed in all night – he had the quiver jaw the whole time but was in heaven!


Harry was super brave this time!  You might laugh, but it was a really big deal for him to swim 5 feet to me without help – even with the floaters and innertube!  Dad made him a deal that if he did it I would dive off the diving board.  Notice that DAVE made that deal and I didn’t? :)  Anyway I happily did it when Harry finally made it to me.


As noted before, we went to Hogle Zoo also!

Those were some of the highlights.  We had an amazing trip and it was just wonderful, as always, to spend time with family!