Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig



Sleepy boys…finally.  Thank goodness for the DVD player my parents gave them for their B-days, but still it was a long drive!  It was somewhat of a treat when they fell asleep at the same time.


The drive on I70 heading into Denver was so incredible.  I guess it’s just really bad in the winter and I believe it! 


Denver and the 16th Street Mall.  Enjoyed seeing locals and tourists alike.


A nice man ran all the way across the street in a hurry when he saw we were taking pictures and offered to get one of the whole fam!


Independence, MI Visitor’s Center.  Even thought we had a fairly quick tour I loved it because really I didn’t (and still don’t) know that much of the history of the church there.


A great little kids room!




The Temple Site in Independence


The St. Louis Arch left me in awe!  It was bigger than I thought it would be and I loved the design.  We didn’t go up to the top this time….



…but did enjoy the museum underneath it.  Really, it was a good museum and had life-like moving wax people – is there a better word for them? – that made it quite interesting.  The first “person” we saw really threw off Harry and he seriously couldn’t tell if they were real or not when I asked him :)  Wyatt liked screaming and being cute simultaneously again!


OK we had seen this billboard I think 2 times as we were in the St. Louis area but only caught this one on camera.  We barely caught it!  We thought it was the most hilarious billboard ever – here’s the zoom, get ready!


HE’S WEARING A FULL OUT EYE PATCH!  Awesome or crazy you decide.