Deer Creek

Recently we took a trip to see Deer Creek Reservoir.  We packed our water gear and headed out.  When we arrived we saw this:

P1020835 P1020836

An enormous parking lot – COMPLETELY empty.  It was so eerie!  This was the Friday of Labor Day weekend, too!  For a few moments we were just thinking this is crazy weird.  Then David remembered that some reservoirs in the state had been under no swim warnings because of algae blooms.  It wasn’t a huge sign, but upon a closer look there was a sheet of paper with the warning. 

So, we had the park all to ourselves!  It was a invigorating windy day and it was beautiful scenery.  Instead of getting in the water we ran, rolled, swung, jumped, and basically enjoyed the open space.


I love this action picture


Look at those blue eyes





Harry is awesome in this one


Hilarious attempt to get an “arm’s length” family photo (on a very windy day).