Health Reform in 9 minutes

This movie is great.  It even held Harry’s attention.  Not Wyatt’s, but hey, that’s pretty hard to do!  It’s from a website that David introduced me to, and it has no political overtones and has great, factual information that won’t leave you confused by who is right or wrong, it just gives facts and studies and such.  Oh and update on the caterpillar!  I was getting perennials today from our wonderful friend Bro. Lewis who is quite and avid gardener.  As we were looking at his tomato plants I said, hey maybe you know what this thing is!  Sure enough, he did – and pulled two off of his plants right there!  It is what he called a “tomato worm” and the white specks come from a black wasp that uses the caterpillar as the host for its eggs.  Eventually the caterpillar will die and the wasps will hatch.  Crazy, huh?  It’s like Planet Earth in our backyard!