A Special Day for Harry

While mom was here we went to an Ohio State game!  It was Harry’s first, and despite being really tired, he had a memorable time.  He even got to buy a pretzel – I don’t know if he’ll be going back to a game while we live here, so I wanted to make it special for him.  We also went to the amazing Moritz Law School “tailgate” before the game.   It is more of a gourmet buffet style brunch held in a nice building near the law school.  MMMMMMmmmmm ;)  Wyatt will get his turn someday.  Those of you who are at or near BYU take advantage of taking kids to the games!!  At OSU you have to pay for a ticket the second they’re born.  Anyone know if BYU tickets are still free for kids under 2?  3?  We had a wonderful time at the game, even though David was quite sick.  It’s just so overwhelming and cool to see such a sea of red.  Go Bucks! 

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