Beggar’s Night

Trick-or-treat was really fun this year.  Wyatt actually seemed to understand what was going on!  He would plop himself in the stroller in between houses and then climb out when we stopped at a house.  We just did a few houses on our street.  If this picture gives you a double take, yes, Harry was a tiger last year and Wyatt was a monkey last year!  LOL  Harry chose to be a tiger without any hinting on my part and when I went to be a costume on sale at Old Navy they only had a monkey it Wyatt’s size.  That’s another story.  When I went to put on Wyatt’s costume I realized that it was missing the pants AND the banana!  I was a little tiffed that the Old Navy employees didn’t catch it, but hey, I didn’t notice either so I shouldn’t expect them to.  So, we will go back tomorrow and try to complete our costume!  Wyatt  LOVED wearing this monkey jacket, he just walked around like he was king of the house. (jungle?)  I think he thought it was so funny that his hands were covered.  Harry was way happy about all the candy and got two pieces tonight.  Love my boys!P1030187

Cousins Clara and Lucas and the boys.  Had my camera on the wrong setting, but luckily it was still pretty good.


So excited to trick-or-treat!


With our friend Kim, who we LOVE!  She just lives down the street.  If you can see Wyatt’s face you can see he’s developed a case of “stranger danger” the past couple weeks – meaning anyone other than Mom, Dad, or Harry is pretty scary.


YODA!!!!!  Crystal actually made this hat.  Super talented!  Lucas looked SOOO cute.