Valentine’s Day etc.


My cup gradgiated! (graduated)  I thought this was so funny.  Can anyone else see it?


David, I love you!  Lindt white chocolate truffles!  I actually like their slogan, “Do you dream in chocolate?”  Mmm.  yes.


Decorating rice crispies for Valentine’s day.  My friend Meredith put together such a fun party – the moms even got to arrange their own little vase of red and white flowers!


Watching an animated e-card from Grandma Mueller


Cute little man


Painting valentines while Wyatt was napping (I’ve tried multiple times and Wyatt is just not quite ready for paint)  Harry loved it.

I wish I could post the pictures of the ice cream sundae we got on Valentines courtesy of G&G Muhlestein.  It was SO fun, and so YUMMY!!  The pics are on David’s cell phone.