It began with a little on his mouth…


Proud of his work!


I wasn’t eating it, I promise! Winking smile 


Harry kept clean (like always) and painted a great picture of zebras.  He carefully painted the words too, which I found interesting. 


Totally unrelated but here’s a picture of how I dressed the boys on the BYU/San Diego game day.  It’s so fun to have a great team this year!  My boys are getting so big.  When I went to get Harry from his quiet time today he had cleaned up his entire room, and very well I must say, so he could check it off his job chart.  He was SO excited (dancing, grinning) to show me his room, it just totally made my day.  There were lots of hugs and kisses and praise for him!  Such a sweetie.  I just started a simple job chart for him on Monday and he loves it.  Another big boy update is that Wyatt is now sleeping in the bottom bunk – we’re on the third night and we still have to stay in there until he falls asleep, but he’s doing well and getting more used to it I think.  The reason we decided to switch him is he climbed out of his crib and got a big bonk and a rug burn on his forehead.  So sad!  I was still tempted to try and keep him in there, but David convinced me.  He was kind of tearing the crib apart because he was so strong.  Now he’s a big boy in the bottom bunk!