An Epic Road Trip Begins

Our first stop was to Saginaw, Michigan to visit the Stoddards!  We love them and they must love us because they still wanted us to come even though she had a baby 2 DAYS PRIOR!  It was suuuuper fun to meet little R and I absolutely loved holding her.  They have a nice big backyard that the boys enjoyed.  We made homemade pizza that I must say turned out so good – one of the best batches ever.  We tried creamy asparagus and spinach….oh yum.  We will be repeating that one!  We also got to spend some time at M’s parents property that has a 5 acre pond on it.  Harry caught a big Perch!  His line was the last to be reeled in of the day, and about 3 feet from the shore….surprise!  He got a bite.  He was incredibly excited as he was the only one that caught a fish and it was a pretty big one.  When we went home to eat it, I gutted it and found lots of fish eggs… was, to be honest, a little gross, and I am not usually squeamish.  Dave had suspected it just because the fish was so fat.  It was good to eat though.  The weather was amazing…and it continued through our ENTIRE TRIP.  It was as warm as it was a year ago when we visited Florida.  Crazy, but we’ll take it! 







He caught one earlier that was just too little to keep.


The Perch! 



By morning they were snuggled up together!