Oh, Canada! Toronto and Ottowa

First to Toronto.  We all enjoyed Toronto, it is a huge city quite a bit like Chicago.  I have to say that the weather influenced me opinion of the city a bit; it was just a bit chilly and foggy.  Still though, a very cool big city and we enjoyed it.  One big adventure was our hotel.  I made a mistake on Priceline and I really thought we were guaranteed 2 queen beds, but we got to the hotel and surprise, it had two SINGLE beds.  We’re not even talking twin beds!  There wasn’t even really enough room on the floor to make one of the boys a bed, so we each shared a bed with a little boy.  Pretty hilarious, but it worked better than I thought and we got a sufficient amount of sleep.  The hotel did have a nice location and was clean which were redeeming qualities.  So funny though.


Rest stop on the way….


Celebrating the Chinese that rejected communism.


We hurried onto the metro which was really convenient to our hotel, and headed to St. Lawrence Market just before closing time!  It is almost exclusively fresh meats, seafood and cheeses and it was great!  There was a place that had ribs so David got some of those, along with fresh bread.



Starting to get tired!  On our way out we bought some blueberries that saved us on the metro ride to chinatown.  Wyatt just loves, loves, loves blueberries!


Dirty nose!


We all really enjoyed Chinatown, it was one of my favorite Chinatowns that I’ve been too.  Very real – I sensed there were a lot 1st generation Chinese folk there. 


The picture on the left is Harry fussing, which he does quite a bit these days, and the next one is posed. 


Oh Ottowa, it was so pretty.  Like I said, I think I’m very influenced by the weather.  It was almost 80 in Ottowa, there were many nice open areas to walk around, and the canal and parliament buildings were very nice.  Lots of people out and about in summer clothes.  We were still in church clothes because we went to church in Toronto, which was great.  Love a big city diverse ward!








Wyatt, tired and hungry yet again.  It was rough for us too because we didn’t have a stroller and he just wanted to be carried….he’s getting way too heavy for that business!