Buckeye Lake

There is an awesome big lake about 35 minutes from our house, and we finally went to see it on our Sunday drive!  It was a pretty nice day, just a little chilly.  We didn’t stay long, but we stayed long enough to know we want to go back this summer (or sooner)!  There were a lot of people fishing and Harry got excited about that.  When we went to Gander Mountain a while back to get a few random paintball tanks filled, he saw the Spiderman fishing pole and I said maybe we’d get it and go fishing this summer.  He’s not forgetting that one! ;)


Don’t you just want to eat Wyatt all up!?  Oh my goodness.


Here’s another adorable one!


Sweet boy with just one sock on!  It wasn’t lost it was just in the van.  There are probably like 50 single socks in there floating around because Wyatt just pulls them off and eats them while he’s sitting in his highchair.  By the way, he’s up to 21 lbs!!


Harry throwing his sticks in the water


Harry showing us his sticks.  Boys and sticks, there’s just something about it!

Eatin’ Grass

The boys were outside while I was preparing some dinner when Harry, good big brother that he is, came in and yelled “Wyatt eating grass!”  I just laughed and went to check it out.  Sure enough, he was grabbing handfuls!  He really wasn’t getting too much in his mouth.  It was so funny, so I just ran and got the camera.  Wyatt is getting cuter and cuter each day, oh boy do I love him.  Oh, and once Harry saw that I wasn’t too concerned about Wyatt eating grass, he decided to eat some too.





Gotta love the springtime SNOT NOSE.  Anyone have kids that don’t have it right now?  I didn’t think so.

Boys in a Box


The box – a toy that never gets old!  Love these smiley boys!

Delicate Arches



Amusing, no?


This is my new friend Echo!


She and her husband recently moved into our ward and they are so kind.  I had called her on a Friday and then on Sunday she brought me this:



It made me feel so special because she MADE it!  Isn’t it amazing?  She does the clay and the beading and the painting. 

We go together to hang out and had an amazing time looking at pictures, playing with the boys and snacking on fruit and yummy “asian” treats.  I was so happy as I spent time with her.  I guess I’m posting this on the blog because I felt so impressed with her initial kindness and the happy spirit that she radiates!  I love people like this.

This week we started to thaw out.  Today I spent nearly an HOUR outside and then sun felt WARM on my cheek.  I smelled summer and am so looking forward to playing outside….watching the boys from the back porch, walking outside without us all looking like Michelin Man, that smell that your skin gets in the summer….   Truthfully I haven’t had cabin fever this winter, but as I caught a glimpse of spring I felt so invigorated!

Now, pictures from our week:


Home Depot carts are the best!  Two little boys are so much fun.  What’s not so fun is trying to turn this puppy in the aisles!


Painting Winter Olympic Pictures


Harry wrote his name “really big” on the Magna Doodle and we took a whole bunch of pictures because he was pretty proud of himself. 

On a side note, we have taken great strides in toilet training!


Wyatt’s “Game Cube”  He is such a cutie – he wants to crawl soooo bad.  We’ll post video soon of him “hopping”


Wyatt’s laugh is contagious!  I love to see Harry and Wyatt having a blast together.  Harry is shaking a bottle of dried garlic – he loves to help with the “spicees” when we cook.  Isn’t Wyatt’s laugh great??


Sweet lil OSU fan!


GO USA!  We love watching the Olympics as a family.

P1000831 P1000830

Painting fridge magnets Harry made – it was the first time Harry used a paintbrush and paints and he did great!  He loved mixing the colors into one blob.  I just let him experiment and paint them however he wanted – so we have multicolored asparagus, an apple, corn, an orange, and a bowl of oatmeal.  Yes, oatmeal – that was Harry’s choice! 


This is just a random picture of our neighbor’s cat!  Such a funny place to rest!

Harry’s Boots

What happens when you let a two-year-old put on his own boots and go for a walk in the snow?

For one thing, you get a 50-50 shot he gets the boots on the right foot.


Then you get a very circuitous route to the turtle.


Here’s a close-up of his foot prints with boots on the wrong feet.


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