Tired Mom

Harry wasn't feeling the best today and he needed to be fed about every two hours and was held by one of us most of the day.  Additionally, Megan really isn't much of a night person so when it hit 10:30, she and Harry were worn out and they crashed.  Harry was just in his diaper and wrapped up in his big white blanket that he really likes, though he did a pretty good job of kicking it off.  I'm not exactly sure how Megan and Harry ended up in this position, but they did, so I took a picture.


In the bottom right corner of the picture you can see wood and paint samples that Megan was looking through as we're deciding on colors for your house.

Happy 2 month birthday, Harry!!!

Funny things here in Columbus


Okay, looks like a normal truck, right?  Look more closely!


Can you see the pass-along card?  We thought this was awesome.

We also saw a Latino family with a pass-along card proudly displayed on their dash.

This next picture doesn't need much explanation, just look closely.  The driver has a BIG problem on their hands!!!!

Okay, here's one more funny thing.  I LOVE Harry's hair when it's fuzzy like this!  I don't know why, I just think it's so cute.

A little bit of English Hair Band lovin' to welcome you to our site

This is the first new blog on our new blog site (the other blogs were originally on minimuhlesteinfamily.blogspot.com) so welcome!


To make you feel at home, here's some early 2000s hair music from DragonForce (which I actually do quite enjoy - especially the solos near the end):

Law school is great.  I'm not too busy right now, but teachers are progressively assigning more reading so my lazy days of reading about college football will soon come to an end.  As my life primarily consists of reading about torts, contracts and civil procedure, I won't bore you with anything more on that right now.  Instead, I'll show some pictures of our new house.


If all goes well, we'll move in around the beginning of November.  As you can see, it is a completely rehabbed home that is pretty sweetly cajunly nice.  The actual house was built sometime before 1920 (the courthouse burned down in 1920 with the official town records, so it was "officially" built in 1920 - we'll have to do some research to find out when it actually was built), and it has been completely stripped down to the studs.  The roof and the exterior have all been completely redone, so all that's left that's original is its skeleton. 


This house is part of the city's attempt at rehabbing an area near downtown that has fallen on some hard times - actually the whole area was considered a flood plain until a $130,000,000+ flood wall was completed in 2004.  We're really excited about the house and it's one street away from one of the biggest hospitals in Columbus, so if I were to get a residency at that hospital after medical school...  Anyway, here's the house:


The kitchen and the back door is on the right side of the picture.


The living room.


Megan in the... actually, I don't know what room this is - they all look pretty much the same when there's only wood and wiring to be seen.  You can see the old wood and the new wood that they've added to support things and bring it up to code.  They whole house is going to be "green" so there will be insulated windows throughout and lots of insulation to keep our heating bill down.


The basement.  It will never be finished (people in Ohio just don't ever finish basements), so we'll use it for storage.  The 2x4 on the left side is propped up against a board that is covering a window they need to replace.  While most of the floor support beams are still good, there are some that needed reinforcing.  They still are going to add metal I-beams to support the whole floor and clean things up a little bit down there.


A view of the outside (that is finished being redone).  Notice the big front porch - we might be living in the Midwest, but we still can have a taste of Southern Comfort.


PS-Did you actually watch the DragonForce video?  If not, go back to the top of the page, wait for your slow Internet to load the blasted thing and watch it all the way through.  The two-guitar solos are absolutely incredible and make me wish I were musically talented enough to play the guitar.  But since I'm not, Megan is going to learn to play the guitar that well (she does have the hair, after all) and I'll be her roadie on tour.

Thunderstorm/cute pics of Harry

This is a video of a thunderstorm yesterday-and this isn't even the worst of it! I could hardly see anything at all on the road. As a side note, here are a couple pics of Harry in his "PJ's"






On Saturday we took a day trip to Toledo to meet with Adam and Meghan Stoddard. We had a great time! We had planned to go to the beach (Lake Erie) but it was a little rainy/overcast. Instead we went first to the Museum of Art, which was amazing! I was really impressed, and I guess it is a pretty famous museum of art. They had an Andy Warhol exhibit, which was of course interesting. We ate at Tony Packo's which was made famous by Max Klinger in M*A*S*H*! I really liked they food-they specialize in hungarian style; hot dogs, pickles (we had fried pickles, YUM!)cabbage rolls and chili. It was fun! They also have hot dog buns signed by famous people that have been there, and there are a LOT of signed buns! We then walked around the river and enjoyed the sunshine for a little bit, until we had to leave to get back to watch the BYU football game.

DSC02118 DSC02120

DSC02106 DSC02108



Wiggling Harry

This is a recent video of Harry (taken the morning we went to Kirtland). Not really any smiles in this one, but you can see how he loves to wiggle! You can hear ESPN College Football in the background. Yay for football season!

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